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There Are Few True Heroes. 0

Thirty years after the destruction of Helghan in Killzone 3, the planet of Vekta is partitioned right across the middle, with half going to refugees to form New Helghan, a state which collapsed under the Vektan half's sanctions and has, like planet Helghan before it, fallen into poverty and militarism. The early parts of the game set the player up for a standard KZ story about the noble VSA (former ISA) and the morally bankrupt Helghast. However, midway through the game, you're introduced to jus...

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One year on, PC gamers might be interested in this FEAR meets HL2 experience 0

The current generation of console has now completed the transition from being referred to as the "next gen". While PC games have been showing off "FullHD" 1080p and beyond for a while, consoles have now caught up, at least sometimes. Hardware prices have dropped from £430 and £350 at launch (which in the UK meant the Xbox One, due to exchange rate differences since 2006, released at a higher sticker price than the PlayStation 3) to sales around £300 with one or two free retail ...

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A phenomenal multiplayer shooter with a middle of the road-to-good campaign and snazzy graphics 0

I’ve always considered Killzone as an excellent fps series that sometimes doesn’t get the praise it deserves because of its often unrealistic expectations. 2004’s maiden entry in the series was a good PS2 game that many overlooked because of its myriad of technical issues and because of its pre-release billing by some as a “Halo-killer”. In 2009, Killzone 2 released to much scrutiny as its visuals didn’t match up to its now infamous E3 2006 trailer. Anybody w...

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Excellent! 0

For a console launch game, this is just spanmin' sweet. Loved the campaign, loving the multiplayer.The maps are nice, the graphics sweet, the sound is fine and just the general enjouyability of the game is superb.This game really doesn't deserve the shit it's been getting IMHO.......

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Cool toys, no playground. 0

One of the reasons Far Cry 3 was so damn good was it didn't just hand you the toys and expect you to do the rest of the work for it. The island was carefully constructed to guide you towards forts, encampments, and so on, constantly giving you opportunities to play with those toys.Killzone Shadow Fall doesn't really understand that to get the most out of a unique tool, you have to be put in a world where you can put it to use. This is the biggest problem in a campaign that shows signs of life, o...

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An uninspired name for an uninspired shooter 0

With a new generation of consoles comes higher expectations. We want improved graphics, advanced artificial intelligence, and new, inventive gameplay mechanics. We want a better version of what came before.Unfortunately, Killzone: Shadow Fall actually lags behind previous entries in the franchise. With only its graphical fidelity to boast of, this PS4 exclusive offers little else to the new console owner than a dull, frustrating shooter steeped in generic sci-fi writing.Following the events of K...

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Pretty and Entertaining 0

The visuals in the game are excellent, but the game fell short in fully gripping me. Single-player story seemed cookie cutter at times and multi-player could use some more maps.Pros -VisualsPlenty of multi-player match modesCons -Not enough multi-player mapsCookie cutter story...

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Didn't need a 4th 0

I really enjoyed the first three games. Mostly 2. I feel like Shadow Fall was just a game they threw out for the PS4 launch. I found the gameplay at times to be finicky. Frequently got popped out of aiming for no reason. Mantling and aiming over cover was also clunky at times. Not a good variety of weapons. I didn't even see the shotgun pistol until the ending level. You also are locked into holding the railgun having only one slot for other weapons. That being said I really enjoyed the tone of...

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So much better than 3 0

I started this the day after I finished 3 and played it through start to finish in a day.It's really amazing how much better this game is in every regard over it's predecessor and not just in the ways you would expect, of course it looks better but it also plays much better with very little whack a mole type cover shooting and much more varied combat scenarios. The owl is a great tool that makes this game much more interesting to play. Once again great weapon variety.The story is better than 3, ...

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