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    A sci-fi first-person/third-person shooter franchise for Sony platforms, developed by Guerrilla Games.

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    All current titles either released or in production were developed by the game studio Guerrilla Games.

    Killzone Universe History Timeline

    Historical timeline of human history on Helghan and her sister planet Vetka.

    2055-2128 – Terran Era

    A shortage of oil triggers a global meltdown as nations fight for control of scarce resources. Tensions run high as what starts as a limited strategic release of nuclear weapons snowballs into a bitter exchange of warheads aimed at civilian population centers. When the dust clears it becomes clear that a new way will have to be found to survive and to secure the raw materials needed for society to continue.

    2129-2155 – Early Vektan Era

    This era marks the early days of the colonies of Alpha-Centauri. The planets are settled, the infrastructure established and slowly things are built up. This period ends at the beginning of the great boom on Vekta.


    The first ships arrive on Vekta. Roughly 12 colonies are founded during the years 2129 to 2140. Vekta, about earth sized, is an agrarian and idyllic world, full of natural splendor and lushly forested - an Eden. Agricultural produce skyrockets on Vekta - the colony quickly becomes able to feed itself.

    2156-2199 – Platinum Era

    This era marks the heights of Vektan/Helghan civilization - before the dark days of the coming war.


    Free to invest and tax in their colonies as they wish a period of runaway economic and industrial growth grips the Helghan Administrations two worlds. The Automated Refineries on Helghan are expanded and developed; the orbital shipyard becomes the largest orbital structure outside the Terran system. The Helghan system is a "Hub" system that connects Earth to her Colonies - every ship MUST travel through Helghan to get anywhere. The Helghan Administration begins to charge each ship for the privilege - allegedly a fee for Traffic Control, Customs, Search and Rescue and other such services, it is actually a thinly disguised tariff upon all trade in Space. Helghan based ships are granted a "Residence Permit" that frees them from some charges, encouraging some shipping companies to relocate.

    2199-2204 – First Extrasolar War

    This marks the lowest ebb of Vektan/Helghan civilization - the system makes a bold stand for freedom and fails. War comes to Alpha Centauri.


    As the situation worsens, the Helghan Administration attempts to first co-opt and then expel all ISA forces from Vekta and Helghan. The ISA Marines and Navy respond with lethal force and a number of skirmishes erupt on and around the two colony worlds. Despite their overwhelming numeric superiority, Helghan troops are poorly equipped, trained and inexperienced and many ISA forces escape the initial fighting. The experienced ISA troops and ships scatter to conduct hit and run operations from hidden bases.

    2204-2340 – Early Helghan Era

    The loyalist Helghan peoples leave Vekta on a trek to the harsh and unforgiving world of Helghan. Long seen as a chemical and mineral storehouse, now Helghan must be tamed - but it changes the Helghan as much as they change it - if not more. This era covers the early days on Helghan.


    The surface of Helghan is formally settled. The bleak existence on Helghan is a far cry from the paradise of Vekta. Initial casualties due to illness, storm damage and starvation are very high. Within ten years, though, the death rate subsides as the Helghan begin to adapt to their surroundings. Slowly a civilization arises from the refugee camps and token Helghan Industry and Food production starts again.

    2340-2357 – Helghast Era

    The tough conditions finally spawn social and economic change. Forced to adapt to a situation so tough that mere humans could never survive it, a charismatic new leader pronounces the birth of the Helghast people: a people no longer human, with a bold drive and vision to succeed.


    The second orbital platform begins construction. Concerned by the Helghan military build-up in progress, the ISA Governor orders the construction of an additional Orbital Platform to complement the 52 year old network already in place. ISA General Stuart Adams is appointed the Military Commander of the network.

    2357-2360 – Second Extrasolar War

    Swollen with pride and new strength the Helghast embark on a bold plan of conquest to rejoin the two halves of the Alpha Centauri system and rebuild their great empire. Their gamble fails and their armies on Vekta are defeated, leading to their worst nightmare: the invasion of Helghan itself. But does Visari have a trick up his sleeve?


    With the Helghan forces on Vekta shattered a council is called at Vekta City to decide the best policy for the further pursuit of the War against the Helghast to its conclusion. The Council quickly establishes a working list of priorities:

    • Remove the Helghast as a military threat.
    • Capture Autarch Visari for a public trial.
    • Establish a more easily controlled regime on Helghan that avoids the oppression that sparked this conflict.

    These priorities are in clear violation of the UCA orders given before their Fleets withdrawal - but the ISA Council becomes concerned that the UCN wishes to blame past decisions regarding treatment of the Helghast upon them.


    Operation Archangel commences. The ISA fleet launches for Helghan to begin the most complex military action in human history.


    The invasion of Helghan begins. Twelve battle groups arrive at Helghan. One, Battle Group Mandrake, is comprised of one division of ISA and 10 divisions of Legionnaires. ISA Cruiser New Sun is the Flagship of the Battle group, under the command of war hero Colonel Jan Templar. Mandrake is to deploy to Pyrrhus and take the city, hopefully snagging Visari in the process, as it is one of the primary population bases as well as a center of trade for the planet.

    The ISA and Helghast warships engage each other in orbit. The ISA fleet outclasses the Helghast fleet significantly and quickly establishes a total orbital blockade.

    At this point the ISA Council reaffirms its decision to break the UCA orders to simply isolate the Helghast and launch their invasion. Channels are cleared for the troop deployment and the way is made clear for the invasion. Negotiations are not a possibility. Visari vows the entire world of Helghan will repel the invaders. The ISA knows it has to complete the invasion swiftly.


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