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    Kim Kaphwan

    Character » appears in 58 games

    Kim is a Taekwondo master. He enters tournaments to prove that his martial art is the best in the world.

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    Character History

    Kim Kaphwan first appears in Fatal Fury 2 as the Taekwondo addition to the fighting line up. Like most of SNK's fighting characters, Kim gets a story purpose in the King of Fighter games. Kim's given the status as a role model who helps people. Kim first begins by trying to reform criminals Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge. He does this by teaching them Taekwondo. He enters the King of Fighter tournaments with them every year as Team Korea. Later in the series Kim met and began training a young teenage girl named May Lee. Thoughout the series Kim also gained a strong rival in Jhun Hoon. Kim proved himself to Hoon, and the rival later joins Team Korea in some tournements. Kim kept his private life to himself, but its later revealed he's married with two sons Kim Dong Hwan and Kim Jae Hoon. You get to play as both sons in Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Kim has a strong sense of justice and can't stand the likes of people who do cruel things to others.


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