Kim Pine

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    A character from the Scott Pilgrim comic book and movie who also appears in the game based on the same franchise. She is the drummer for Scott's band, Sex Bob-omb, as well as being Scott's first girlfriend.

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    Kimberly Pine has known Scott Pilgrim since high school, meeting in geography class where he drew a sheep for her. She joins his band "Sonic & Knuckles" and begins dating him after, according to Scott's slightly warped memories, he rescues her from the Benvie Tech Boys in an homage to River City Ransom. According to Kim's less warped explanation, they simply started dating like how normal people begin to date. They break up when Scott's family moves away to Toronto, however Scott didn't tell her personally. She found out from a mutual friend Lisa. A few years later, Kim moves to Toronto herself, however things have changed and neither seems too inclined to renew this relationship now. Though she seems to wish for everyone to forget about her and Scott's previous relationship, Kim does tell Ramona Flowers about their history.
    When asked if Scott is in trouble during his many fights, she'll calmly reply "C'mon, he's Scott Pilgrim." 
    Her outro in the Scott Pilgrim game is her riding on a shooting start, which plays tribute to Kirby.

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