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The product of a spoiled past, Kindle treats everyone and everything around her like dirt while expecting praise from all at the same time. She only gets it from her two subordinates, Jugger and Koal. Kindle distinctly enjoys the suffering of others in a fashion that disturbs Hawke enough to resign from Black Hole.  Kindle is also known as Candy in the European version and Candle in the Japanese version.

In-game Description

Jugger and Koal's commanding officer. Has a blunt, queen-like personality.  
Hit: Anything chic
Miss: Anything passe'  

An upper-crust CO who excels at urban warfare. Firepower of all on-base units is increased.

Gameplay Effects

Dual Strike

  • 40% firepower bonus on cities and bases.
  • CO Power: Urban Blight. Increases the firepower of all units on cities and bases by 80%. Also inflicts 3 HP of damage to enemy units on cities and bases. 10% strength bonus for all units.
  • Super CO Power: High Society. Six stars. Increases the firepower of all units on cities and bases by 130%. Every base she controls gives her units an additional 3% firepower bonus. 10% strength bonus for all units.
  • Tag Team Attack Modifiers: Jugger, 105%. Koal, 105%. Jake, 90%. Hawke, 80%.

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