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    Kinect Fun Labs

    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released Jun 06, 2011

    Kinect Fun Labs is a Xbox 360 app that lets players access various free (and paid) tech demos that make use of Kinect technology, from scanning real life objects to turning the player into an avatar!

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    Kinect Fun Labs is a hub for Kinect tech demos (known as "gadgets'). The gadgets (developed by Good Science, Smoking Gun, Relentless, Wahoo, Asobo and n-Space) range from scanning real life objects (to play around with) to augmented reality effects. Most gadgets are free to download (though some cost 240 msp, or $3), and feature eight achievements (totaling 50 gamerscore) each.

    Like Kinect Adventures!, videos and pictures taken in the gadget can be shared with other people through the KinectShare web site. In addition to that, videos and pictures can be shared through the app's "Friend Feed" (which shows uploaded creations from all on the player's friends list).


    Kinect Me

    Developed by Good Science. Released June 6, 2011.

    Players scan their face and body (while choosing their gender and choosing if they want to wear glasses or have a ponytail) to create a custom avatar. After choosing one of the pre-defined background, the player can then control the avatar's movements using his/her body and partake in a photoshoot, which can be shared online.

    Avatars created in Kinect Me cannot be used in any other gadget or replace the player's actual Xbox Live avatar.

    Kinect Googly Eyes

    Developed by Good Science. Released June 6, 2011.

    Players can scan the front and back of an object to create a likeness of the object on a stage. While choosing among an assortment of "googly eyes" (which gets placed in front of the object), the player can then loosely control the object with his/her body and partake in a timed skit, which can be shared online.

    Build A Buddy

    Developed by Good Science. Released June 6, 2011.

    Scan an object, give it a personality, and interact with it.

    Bobble Head

    Developed by Good Science. Released June 6, 2011.

    Players can scan their face onto posable (and optionally costumed) bobbleheads and record an audio sample that triggers when the player bobbles it in the main menu.

    Avatar Kinect

    Developed by Good Science. Released July 25, 2011.

    Kinect tracks your facial movements and upper-body gestures onto your Xbox avatar while you chat with your friends in 3D environments. Requires Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.

    Kinect Sparkler

    Developed by Smoking Gun. Released July 28, 2011. (Cost: 240 MSP)

    Kinect tracks your fingers as you draw on screen.

    Air Band

    Developed by Relentless. Released August 22, 2011.

    After choosing between five generic song types (country, rock, pop, disco, and latin), up to two players can pretend they are playing air instruments. By moving his/her hands into certain positions, colored light outlines of a guitar, drum set, or keyboard are superimposed onto the player and the instrument loop is played. The color and sound loop of the instrument are determined by where the player is.

    Videos and pictures are randomly taken throughout the session and can be shared online.

    Musical Feet

    Developed by Smoking Gun. Released October 24, 2011.

    Play a giant virtual keyboard with your feet.

    Mutation Station

    Developed by Relentless. Released October 30, 2011.

    Players see themselves through various fun-house mirror effects.

    Battle Stuff

    Developed by Smoking Gun. Released November 28, 2011.

    Scan two objects and pit them against one another in a fight while you coach.

    Junk Fu

    Developed by Wahoo. Released February 20, 2012. (Cost: 240 MSP)

    I Am Super!

    Developed by Smoking Gun. Released March 26, 2012.

    Kinect Rush: Snapshot

    Developed by Asobo. Released April 6, 2012.

    Take snapshots with in scenes featuring characters from a variety of Pixar properties. This release acts as a teaser for Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure.

    5 Micro Lab Challenge

    Developed by n-Space. Released July 2, 2012.

    Released in the US only. This is an advergame sponsored by Wrigley's 5 Gum.

    Mars Rover Landing

    Developed by Smoking Gun. Released July 16, 2012

    Try to land the Mars Rover in various scenarios.


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