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    Kinect Sports: Season Two

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 25, 2011

    Kinect Sports Season Two is a sequel to Rare's 2010 multi-million seller Kinect Sports, with 6 new events, full-body tracking & in-game voice control.

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    Kinect Sports: Season Two is a Kinect sports game developed by both Rare and BigPark and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360 platform. Kinect Sports: Season Two is the sequel to the original Kinect Sports which was a Kinect launch title.


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    Requiring the Kinect sensor, players control their Xbox 360 avatars with full-body movement, as well as use their voice to navigate menus and control in-game actions.

    When playing against an A.I. player there are three different difficulties to choose from: Rookie, Professional, and Champion.

    Kinect Sports: Season Two features a challenge mode where a player can send a challenge to someone else on Xbox Live to beat a high score.

    Kinect Sports: Season Two can be played with anywhere from one to four players. Some of the sports are a simultaneous with two players at once and others are one player at a time and turns are taken.

    Title Update 1

    On December 19th, 2011 a title update was added over Xbox Live that added more functionality to the game.

    • E-mail notifications of a new challenge - These notifications will send an e-mail when a new challenge is issued.
    • Social sharing - After the completion of a challenge the results can now be posted on Facebook to brag.
    • Video chatting in an Xbox Live lobby - Now while waiting in a game lobby the option to video chat is made available. (Only available when playing with people on the friends list.)
    • All of the skiing and golf gameplay variations can be played on Xbox Live - Now all of the variations such as any of the ski slopes or the one, three, or nine hole golf options can be played on Xbox Live. (Requires playing with friends)
    • Challenges can be issues from a single player game - Once a single player game has been completed, a challenge can be issued from the "show off and share" screen.

    Sport Events

    There are six sports available to play.

    ScreenshotSport Event
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    Drive, chip, and putt through 9 holes on Maple Lakes golf course. Use gestures or voice commands to change clubs, enter practice-swing mode, and get a bird's eye view of the course. Up to four players can take turns playing golf.

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    Pitch, catch, and go to bat in Galaxy Park. Two players can play baseball simultaneous.

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    American Football

    Kick, sack, pass, and catch on Gridiron Field.

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    Clear 501 points with authentic gestures and pinpoint accuracy in 180 Arena. Up to four players can take turns playing darts.

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    Hurtle over huge jumps and aim for big air on three different courses on Diamond Peaks.

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    Smash, serve, and slam tennis balls over the net in Smash Gardens. Use voice commands to call an objection.



    The basketball sporting event was added on April 2nd, 2012 in the Basketball Challenge Pack DLC. There are three different mini-games that can be played.

    Downloadable Content

    Kinect Sports: Season 2 has multiple DLC packs available to download, some premium and some for free.

    Challenge Pack #1

    Released on November 7th, 2011 (for free) the Challenge Pack #1 DLC contains one new mini-game for each of the sports.

    Frantic Fielder
    Frantic Fielder
    • Crazy Kicker
    • Frantic Fielder
    • Cool Ringings
    • Champion Chip
    • Rapid Returner
    • Smart Shot

    Maple Lakes Golf Pack

    Released on December 20th, 2011 (For 400 Microsoft Points or $5) contains 9 new holes of golf. The Maple Lakes Golf Pack also has a "trial" in which one of the holes can be downloaded free of charge. In addition to the nine new holes a player can now play the previous nine holes with them to create an 18 hole game. The courses included in this DLC are:

    Autumn Island
    Autumn Island
    • Autumn Island (This course is the free "trial" course)
    • Breakwater Ridge
    • Cape Point
    • Crater Springs
    • Discovery Trail
    • Hopscotch Coast
    • Trident Harbor
    • Turbine Vista
    • Whistling Bluff

    Basketball Challenge Pack

    The Basketball Challenge Pack was released on April 2nd, 2012 (for 400 Microsoft Points or $5). The Basketball Challenge Pack includes three new gameplay modes, each of which can be played with one to four players. Also included in the Basketball Challenge pack are new achievements. The Basketball Challenge Pack is the first time the sport of basketball is playable in Kinect Sports: Season 2. The new modes of play are:

    Shot Party
    Shot Party
    • Alley-Oop Dreams - Alley-Oop Dreams is a mini-game in which the players goal is to set up for assisting an alley-oop shot.
    • Shot Party - The Shot Party game mode crosses basketball with a rhythm game. There are music CD's that rotate around the hoop and the player must time the shots to hit the CD's before making the shot.
    • 3-Point Hero - The 3-Point Hero game is a simple game of shooting 3-point shots from various spots on the court.

    Avatar Awards

    There are three Avatar Awards that can be obtained in Kinect Sports: Season Two.

    Football Hat

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    The Football Hat is exactly that, a hat made out of a football. The Football Hat is wearable by both male and female avatars. The Football Hat is unlocked by reaching level 2.

    Darts Top Hat

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    The Darts Top Hat is a top hat with a target on the front with three darts stuck to it. The Darts Top Hat is wearable by both male and female avatars. The Darts Top Hat is unlocked by reaching level 5.

    Golf Green Cap

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    The Golf Green Cap is a green cap made to look like a golf green with a golf ball on top. The Golf Green Cap is wearable by both male and female avatars. The Golf Green Cap is unlocked by reaching level 10.

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Kinect Sports Season Two requires 5.7 GB of space to install on the Xbox 360 HDD.

    Xbox 360 Demo

    A demo is available on Xbox Live Marketplace featuring golf and tennis. It released on 10/24/2011 and requires 1.21 GB of space to install on the Xbox 360 HDD.


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