so whats the verdict?

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#1 Posted by Mars (403 posts) -

I haven't been able to find a review from a source I trust. I am hoping to pick this up after class tonight as the first KS was a drunken favorite of mine. Has anybody played this yet? What did you think?

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#2 Posted by Sydle (5 posts) -

Just got through playing tennis, golf, and baseball. Had a lot of fun, and I'm impressed by how it picks up such small movements and the ease of voice control.

If you liked the first one you'll like this one, too.

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#3 Posted by suikoden352 (488 posts) -


honestly, if you liked the first one, and you like what the new version has to offer then i say go get it.

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#4 Posted by Spongetwan (220 posts) -

Didnt even know that it came out, LOL! Getting it today!

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