Kinect just got a lot more interesting.

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I don't have room for the Kinect, and frankly, the games out now don't speak out to me at all. But when they managed to make that open-source thing for PC, I knew people would create cool stuff. And sure, someone made a graphical interface emulating the Minority Report interface: 

Now, one of the things that put me a bit off on the whole Kinect thing was when they said it could not detect individual fingers. Well, it is not perfect, but it looks like it can do so. This will probably just become better as well with a bit of polish. So, it does seem like Kinect will offer us a lot more in the future. Too bad most of the really cool stuff might only be for PC.
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I'm pretty sure Kinect can't actually detect fingers, this guy seems to have modded the Kinect so that it does. Good to see the amateur Kinect programmers still making cool stuff.

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All this Kinect hate from "real gamers", they're just scared that change is coming and Kinect does have the ability. 
I welcome it!  Microsoft has done more good for gaming these past few years than the other two combined.

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I think the technology is amazing, but it's sad it has taken the hacking community (and not MS) to show what it can really do, I just hope publishers are smart enough to move away from mini game collections and fitness games.

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@Gamer_152: Yeah, which makes it really exciting that someone has made a program that makes it possible. Hope more stuff like this comes out.  
@KaosAngel: Oh, believe me, I agree with you fully. I was cautiously optimistic about Kinect before it came out, a bit bummed when it turned out I don't have nearly enough room to use it. But seeing the games out so far it doesn't matter that much yet. But with things like this coming out, I think it will turn into a pretty cool piece of hardware. 
@Vorbis: Indeed. I would guess that projects like these might get some of the better developers off their asses to make some good games that doesn't solely rely on the Kinect. A game which uses both the regular controller and the Kinect in some way would probably be better than the ones using only Kinect. In a year or two I am sure we will see a lot of cool stuff.
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