New Kinect games at E3 2011

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What do we suspect is coming at E3 2011 for Kinect?  The thing that has spiked my interest is this week's Weekend Confirmed podcast where Jeff Canatta stated that he's seen an upcoming Kinect game at the pre-E3 event that he can't talk about but made him feel like he was living in the future. 
That sounds pretty exciting?!  I mean, everyone's got over the whole motion body thing being exciting now, so what could be good enough to make him say that...?

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There's gotta be some big Kinect related news at E3 - it's been too silent for too long. 
I'm very curious to see what's up with Steel Battalion - and I can't help but wonder if that's the unmentionable game that made Canatta feel like he was living in the future.

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I expect considerable focus on it at E3, which may well piss off many 360 owners.

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