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I've seen a ton of videos displaying how Kinect can mirror the operators head position(x,y,z) with teh POV that is simulated in the game engine giving the player the ability to feel like he is leaning inside the game world. I don't understand teh emphasis on this particular capability and am concerned as I havn't seen any content that permits rotation tracking. Rotation tracking has tremendous applications for FPS/3rdPS
  , Driving games
  , and military/normal flight sims
   to enhance situational awareness and un-tether POV from your thumb muscles and offload it to larger and more precise muscle groups.
Anyway maybe i'm getting to the party late adn this is a well known that kinect does this. Can anyone confirm this.
 Bonus !
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It maps a 3D space so yeah, it would probably be possible to make it feel like you're leaning in games. It also has the ability to follow you, as in move the camera by itself. This is why I think Kinect would be awesome in conjunction with a controller.

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@xyzygy:  did you mean Rotating.. By that i mean movement around the central axis of the thing moving. Teh object, in this case head, does not change its' spacial coordinates (x,y,z) however its' spins while retaining its' position as a Gear or tire would, or my head would if a wanted to look to my side.
I presume if it maps 3d space then it can know when one eye moves further away then the other. Leaning is in fact something all the promotional videos emphasize. Rotation i can only assume it does but am tremendously alarmed that something that is in fact potentially more usefull then leaning is not demonstrated unless i have not seen it.
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Yeah sorry I meant rotating, the Kinect doesn't actually get up and walk :P

Also, have you seen Your Shape? It's a fitness game and when you're playing it, it'll show how the camera sees you and show what you're doing. It's stunning to see... if you're wearing baggy clothes it will even capture that.

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Thanks for the info. I agree, i hope they incorporate kinect with head motion tracking for rotation and apply some multiplier like the Track IR does so we can stop using our thumbs to look around in the game world.
no havn't seen the shape thing yet. i'll have to youtube it. thanks again.

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Kinectimals has an example of head tracking in it.
Kinectimals as a whole actually has a lot of interesting concepts in it. 

Most of them are fairly simple, but they do demonstrate some interesting possibilities.

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