Kinectimals, so cute and -- OH MY GOD!!!

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#1 Posted by kashif1 (1543 posts) -

I will never look at Kinectimals the same way ever again.

On a side note what game is that and is it as scary/awesome as it looks?

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#2 Posted by ColinWright (754 posts) -

Pretty sure it's from the Cabela's Dangerous Hunts series.

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#3 Edited by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Isn't one of the games shown one of those hunting games or something? but "Extreme" compared to the others?

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#4 Posted by Bawlsz (85 posts) -


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#5 Edited by Dagbiker (7041 posts) -

You linking this Kinictimals video completed part of a quest for me. Ether that or me visiting the Kinictmals forum.

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#6 Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan (459 posts) -

The constant laughing at their own joke makes this pretty unwatchable.

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#7 Posted by The_Joker (326 posts) -

They made Dangerous Hunts look WAY more awesome than it actually is... right?

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