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    King Albert

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    Albert is the King of Basil and of Serdio. He is one of the main playable characters in The Legend of Dragoon. He joins Dart after the death of one of their close friends at the hands of the hooded man.

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    Character Overview

    Albert's Information
    Main Character
     Age 26
     Hometown Bale
     Element Wind
     Weapon Spear
    Albert is the ruler of the kingdom of Basil. His father Carlo was the king before him, but was assassinated by Albert's uncle, Doel, starting the long-lasting Serdian War. He first meets the party when Dart, Lavitz, and Shana first visit Basil. Lavitz, being a childhood friend and close soldier, gets the party in to meet their leader. He is eventually kidnapped by Lloyd and imprisoned in Hellena Prison. He is an unknowing part of the Divine Moon Object conspiracy, having the Moon Gem, an important heirloom of the royal family of Serdio, embedded in his body. After its extraction, he was to be executed. His life was spared at the hands of Lavitz, whom Albert replaces in the party.   
    Albert is the young king of Serdio. He is a very smart and polite king. Very kind and thoughful, Albert would easily put the needs of his countrymen before his life. In battle Albert is physically strong but magically weak. Casting magic with Albert will do minimum damage and if he's attacked with magic he will take maximum damage. He is chosen to possess the Jade Dragoon Spirit after certain plot events.

    Albert is voiced by David Babich.


    Like Lavitz, he wields lances and spears. Unlike Lavitz, he is incredibly fast with his additions.  To unlock the final addition you must master all the previous additions. To master additions you're just required to complete the addition and set number of times.
    Addition Name
    Level Attained
    Number of Attacks
    Damage % Level 1-5
    SP Gained Level 1-5
     Harpoon 1 1 100/110/120/130/150 35/38/42/45/50
     Spinning Cane
     5 2 100/125/150/175/200 35/35/35/35/35
     Rod Typhoon
     7 4 150/163/174/186/202 30/45/60/75/100
     Gust of Wind Dance
     11 6 200/240/280/320/350 35/35/35/35/35
     Blossom Storm
     Master Additions
     7 300/324/348/372/405 60/90/120/150/202

    Dragoon Magic

    Albert is a powerful albeit slow character. Albert is considered more of a power house character even though he isn't overly muscled as in most cases. King Albert's Dragoon magic is weaker and slower than the other characters. While he is a slower Dragoon, he is much quicker with his additions. Where Lavitz was slow and meticulous with his attacks, Albert is fast and erratic. His Dragoon abilities are roughly equal, however.
    Dragoon Magic
    Dragoon Level Obtained
    MP Cost
     Wing Blaster
     1 20 25% Wind Damage All
     Rose Storm
     2 20 50% Damage Resistance 3 Turns
     Gaspless 3 30 100% Wind Damage Single
     Jade Dragon
     5 80 75% Wind Damage All


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