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About The King Bob-Omb

The King Bomb-Omb is obviously the King of Bomb-Omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. For his first star, Mario has to run up the mountain where the King is waiting, patiently. Beating him isn't really a challenge.... first, you have to somehow get behind him and grab him in the back by punching him (B button for 64, I think Y button for DS??) and throwin' him onto the ground, but beware! DO NOT THROW HIM OFF THE LEDGE... HE'LL JUST JUMP BACK UP UNHARMED~!!!!!

also be careful not to let him grab you and throw you off the cliff or you would have to climb all the way back up there.....

Mario confronting the King Bomb-Omb
Mario confronting the King Bomb-Omb

When you defeat the king, you will obtain your first star in the game. If you're feeling lonely after you beat him, you could always have a rematch with him.

In Mario Super Sluggers, he appears as an obstacle in the Bowser Castle stage.

In Mario Kart DS he is a boss.

In Mario Party 2, he appeared in the background of the Mystery Land board.

In Mario Party 5, he appeared in the mini game Defuse or Lose.

In Mario Party 9, he appeared as the boss of Bob-omb Factory.

In Mario Golf he appeared in Peach's Castle Grounds.

In Mario Party Advance he is the leader of a bob-omb Mafia.


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