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    King Bradley

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    Known as Dante's greatest creation. He ages like a regular human. He has the ability to see absolutely everything, even air. He is very skilled with a sword. He has been disguised as a regular human and eventually Roy Mustang discovers his true identity and kills him.

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    Ed Blaylock is the voice of King Bradley in the English adaptions of the 2003 FMA anime and the more recent FMA: Brotherhood anime.
    In the 2003 anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist he was also known as the Homunculus Pride. In the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga and anime FMA: Brotherhood he is known as the Homunculus Wrath. 
    He was originally known as Prospective Fuhrer Number 12 before being injected with the Wrath of Father. When he was injected his soul fought against the many other souls contained in the Philosopher's Stone till only one soul remained. 
    His strength is all his own and he lacks any type of regenerating capability because his Stone only has one soul. 
    Wrath is killed by Scar in both the manga and the recent anime by Scar destroying both of his arms. Before falling down he grabs a piece of his broken sword in his teeth and pierces Scar in his midsection.


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