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Role in Twilight Princess

King Bulbin acts as the leader of the Bulblin race, commanding them from atop his mount, Lord Bulbo. He is the force that calls link to action. Very early in the game, King Bulblin shatters Link's peaceful existence in Ordon Village. He opens Ordon Spring up for Zant's invasion and kidnapped the children of the village. Later, he kidnaps Colin for the second time and Link must chace after him. After a battle in which Link has to attack King Bulblin in order to strip him of his armor, the king retreats to the Bridge of Eldin for a final jousting match. Beating him here results in the king falling off the bridge and snapping one of his horns. He appears once more on the Great Bridge of Hylia, this time being vulnerable to arrows. Upon his defeat he once more falls from the bridge and snaps his other horn. Link fights King Bulblin once again before reaching the Arbiter's Grounds, where his defeat results in the Bulblin camp being set on fire. King Bulblin makes his final appearance in the courtyard of Hyrule Castle, where he speaks to Link before and after the battle. He is later seen riding with other Bulblin's through Hyrule Field, apparently at peace with Hyrule.

Role in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

King Bulblin and a few Bulblins make a small cameo in the Bridge of Eldin stage. He rides in on Lord Bulbo and drops a large bomb that alters the stage and severely damages all characters within the blast radius.


King Bulblin appears to be either an elder or highly elite member of the Bulblin race. He is much taller than the other members of his race, has much longer and striped horns, and has most of his face shown. He is usually seen riding what appears to be his counterpart within the Bulbos, Lord Bulbo, and has horns nearly identical to his. King Bulblin is notable for having a speaking role within the game, something that surprises Midna. He seems to have no political motivation other than being on the side that is winning, as he forms an alliance with Link once it is clear that Link is on the winning side.

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