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    King Cailan

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    Young King of Ferelden who seeks to find glory against the growing darkspawn threat.

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     "I'd hope for a war like in the tales! A king riding with the fabled Grey Wardens against a tainted god!"


    Born from King Maric and Queen Rowan, Cailan is descended from the line of Theirin: Calenhad the Great, Moira the Rebel Queen and his passed father, Maric the Savior. King Cailan is also the first King in three generations to not be put under the rule of a foreign tyrant, his father having freed the Ferelden people of that burden from the Orlesian Empire.

    Dragon Age: Origins

    The character meets King Cailan in Ostagar, where he continues to battle against the rising darkspawn threat. Cailan demonstrates eagerness to ride into a glorious battle against the threat and even a naive dismay over the fact that it may not be a true Blight. While young and inexperienced, Cailan does throw his support to the Grey Wardens, an organization to which your character will soon be inducted into. Thus counting King Cailan as an influential ally in a camp with such men as Teyrn Loghain who distrusts the confidence put in the Grey Wardens.  

    During the following battle at Ostagar, King Cailan leads his army from the front lines along side Duncan of the Grey Wardens.  However, Loghain betrays Cailan and orders his men to retreat rather than join in the battle.  As a result, Cailan's men, the Grey Wardens, and Cailan himself are slaughtered by the darkspawn onslaught.
    In the Return To Ostagar DLC, the player is given the choice of what to do with Cailan's body, as the Darkspawn have decided to "show it off". Also, Cailan's armor, sword and shield are available for the Warden and his party to pick up and equip.

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