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The king of Hyrule that appears in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.  In the Wind Waker, King Daphnes Nahansen was unable to defeat Ganon during the great flood. In response to the prayers of the people of Hyrule, the gods flooded the old world while those chosen to find a new world went to the mountains. Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule waited in the submerged Hyrule Castle for a hero to appear and save the world.  Daphnes Nahansen Hyrule saved Link in the beginning of Wind Waker by controlling a boat called King of Red Lions and finding him in the middle of the ocean, after his failed attempt at the Forsaken Fortress.  King Daphnes Nahansen Hyrule guides Link in his journey, which eventually bring him to Old Hyrule and the Master Sword.  After Link was unable to defeat Ganon, he and Tetra are brought back to Old Hyrule where it is revealed that King Daphnes Nahansen Hyrule has been controlling the boat King of Red Lions. He then tells Link how to unlock the true power of the Master Sword.  Soon after Link unlocks the Master Swords power, he goes to defeat Ganon once and for all. After Ganon is defeated, the water surrounding Hyrule comes crashing down, King Daphnes Nahansen Hyrule uses whatever powers he has left to send Link and Zelda to the surface. He then chooses to stay behind as he and his kingdom are washed away beneath the sea. 
In The Minish Cap, the king of Hyrule has a similar name and appears identical to this character, but it is a different king.

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