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    King Frost

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    King Frost rules over the entire Jack Frost race. He is powerful and larger than any ordinary Jack Frost.

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    In Strange Journey.
    In Strange Journey.

    King Frost, regal monarch of the Jack-kind, wears a wig, a crown and holds a staff. He wants to achieve a world filled with ice and snow so he and his race can rule unconditionally.

    King Frost processes some unique abilities such as being able to summon two Jack Frosts to combine and create a larger Jack Frost to aid him in battle. He can also unleash Frost servants to rush the enemy.


    In Shin Megami Tensei II, one of Aleph's tasks is to defeat King Frost, who froze Holy Town. Everything returns to normal after the player has defeated him.

    Completing a specific request for Elizabeth in Persona 3 allows players to create King Frost.

    King Frost is an optional boss in Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. He can be found in the castle at coordinate 136, after completing a side quest involving tracking down keys. After defeating him, a mantra allowing the party to learn King Frost's skills becomes available for purchase.


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