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King Zing first appears in the level Rambi Rumble in Donkey Kong Country 2, where he chases the player, as Rambi, for the second half of the level. He is then fought as an end-level boss with Squawks. King Zing flies around the room and requires the player to hit his tail stinger with Squawks' nuts in order to damage him. After being damaged twice, he will fly towards the player for a short time while shooting spiked missiles out from his body in several directions for the player to dodge.
After several hits, King Zing will shrink to the size of a regular Zinger, but will summon a barricade of four regular Zingers that the player will need to destroy in order to hurt, and eventually defeat the boss.
In the Game Boy version, Donkey Kong Land 2, King Zing's second phase of his fight involves him leaving a trail of regular Zingers behind him as he rushes around the room instead of a barricade surrounding himself. In this version he does not appear in the Rambi Rumble level.
In the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Land 2, King Zing is listed under the game's credits as King B instead in order to relate him back to the Zinger boss of the original Donkey Kong Country, Queen B.  

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