King Zora

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    The king of the aquatic people, the Zora's. In Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time, he appears frozen blocking the gate to Lord Jabu-Jabu's Lair.

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    King Zora XVI

    King Zora XVI is the king that appears in Ocarina of Time. His appearance differs greatly from the rest of his species. While they are slim and tall, he is heavy and bulky maybe due to the fact that he spends most of his time on his throne.

    Young Link

    Link first encounters the King when he visits Zora's Domain in search of the third Spritual Stone. The King refuses to let Link pass to see Lord Jabu-Jabu as his daughter, Princess Ruto became missing. Upon Link showing proof that the Princess went to see Jabu-Jabu, the King lets him pass. Upon rescuing his daughter, the King sends Link his gratitude.

    Adult Link

    When Link returns to Zora's Domain as an adult, he finds it encased in ice, due to the curse placed upon it. The King is covered in red ice so Link is able to melt it using Blue Fire. As a reward for freeing him, the King gives Link the Zora Tunic (enabling Link to stay under water for an infinite amount of time and thus giving him easier access to the Water Temple).

    King Zora also plays a role in the Biggoron Trading Quest, where he gives Link the Eyeball Frog to give to the scientist living on Lake Hylia.


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