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    King is a luchador who participated in the first two King of Iron Fist Tournaments. He was killed by Ogre prior to the third tournament, but his legacy is continued in later tournaments by a new King, who was once a child in the original King's orphanage.

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    The original King was a famous luchador from Mexico known for his jaguar mask.

    As a young man, King was a vicious street fighter who lived for combat. During one fight, King was brutally wounded and left for dead. He stumbled to the nearest building, which happened to be a monastery. The priests who lived there took him under their wing and looked after him until he recovered. It was through the kindness that these men showed him that he saw the error of his ways. King set about making amends and from that point forward joined the priests to aid them with their work. King's new mission was to build a home for all the children living on the streets as he once did in hopes that they wouldn't have to become the kind of man that he had once been.

    King focused his fighting skills in the form of lucha libre wrestling with a focus on the vale tudo fighting style. This is where he first encountered Armor King, a luchador with a similar mask and style. In a match, King accidentally crushed Armor King's eye, thus permanently injuring him. King heard rumors of the inaugural King of Iron Fist Tournament (Tekken), and the huge cash prize that awaited the winner. King realized the prize money could make his orphanage dream a reality. Against the monastery's wishes he enters the tournament, his punishment being his excommunication from the group.

    King was able to defeat Armor King again in the tournament, but finished in third place. The third place prize money turned out to be more than enough to pay for the creation of an orphanage.

    After the first tournament, King and Armor King become friends and training partners. Unfortunately, King's orphanage struggled for financial reasons. And, when a child tragically died at the orphanage, King turned to alcohol. Luckily, Armor King was there to help him. Together, they trained for the second tournament (Tekken 2).

    This time, Armor King is able to defeat King, thus eliminating him from the second tournament. King returns home and begins to train the older children at the orphanage.

    Many years pass after the second tournament. In preparation for a third tournament (Tekken 3), Heihachi Mishima awakens the God of Fighting (Ogre). Ogre travels the planet attacking former and potential fighters. In one such attack, Ogre kills King.

    After his death, a child who grew up in King's orphanage decided to continue King's legacy. With the help of Armor King's training, this new King has competed in every King of Iron Fist Tournament since the third (Tekken 3).


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