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    King is an French Muay Thai fighter from the Art of Fighting and King of Fighters games. Originally forced to pretend to be a man to gain employment, she no longer hides her true gender. She has a younger brother that she takes care of.

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    Character History

    King is a fighter and recurring character in SNK fighting game franchises that first appeared in Art of Fighting as a bouncer at L'Amor Restaurant. Along with other Art of Fighting characters, she later appeared in the King of Fighters series. A Muay Thai kickboxer, she dresses in masculine clothing and in her first appearance attempts to pass for a male until her true gender is outed to all present. Later appearances make her true gender more evident.


    At a young age, King was forced to conceal her gender in order to learn Muay Thai, as the teachers refused to train a woman in the sacred art. After learning to fight, King began taking on the male competitors in her weight class and beat them all. After one such match, her opponent ripped her top off and revealed her concealed breasts. King was then forced out of competition in Thailand. Travelling with her brother to America, King became a bouncer in a restaurant owned by Mr. Big. Ryo, looking for his missing sister, fights her and during the brawl delivers a Kou-Ou Ken that destroys her shirt and reveals her true gender to all present. King then points Ryo to in the direction of his sister.

    In the King of Fighters games, King frequently appears as a member of the Women's Team with Mai Shiranui and a rotating cast of other female characters such as Kasumi Todoh, Chizuru Kagura, Blue Mary, and Xiangfei.


    King's shirt can be destroyed in Art of Fighting 1 & 2, as well as King of Fighters '94, '95 and XIII.


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