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    King (II) is a luchador from Mexico. He grew up in the orphanage owned by the original King. After the death of King (I), this new King decided to continue his legacy.

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    As a child, King (II) grew up in the orphanage owned by King (I). When news of King's death reached him, he decided to continue King's legacy by donning the jaguar mask and becoming a luchador. It wasn't long before Armor King discovered this new King and offered to train him. Due to his age and heart condition, Armor King was not able to enter the third King of Iron Fist Tournament (Tekken 3), but he was help the new King become ready to fight.

    Following the third tournament, Armor King was killed during a bar fight with Craig Marduk. King vows to avenge his mentor and pays to have Marduk released from prison in hopes of fighting him in the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament (Tekken 4). King successfully defeats Marduk in the tournament, but stops before killing him when he realizes Marduk has a family. King decides to forgive Marduk and move on.

    Prior to the fifth tournament (Tekken 5), Marduk begins to taunt King by wearing Armor King's black jaguar mask. King enters the tournament to settle this once and for all. King is able to defeat Marduk once again and a truce is declared. Late in the tournament (Tekken: Dark Resurrection), Armor King appears, which confuses both King and Marduk. This Armor King attacks Marduk before disappearing again.

    After the fifth tournament, King and Marduk attempt to track down what appears to be Armor King back from the dead. This leads them both to entering the sixth tournament (Tekken 6). It is here where they learn that this is Armor King's younger brother who is seeking revenge for the original Armor King's murder. This new Armor King is enraged by the fact that King has seemingly forgiven Marduk.

    Prior to the seventh tournament (Tekken 7), despite King's best efforts, Marduk finds Armor King, which leads to a battle that leaves both men hospitalized in critical condition. King enters the tournament alone. When Marduk recovers first, he attempts to kill Armor King in the hospital, but is stopped by King. Both Marduk and Armor King then join the tournament (Tekken 7: Fated Retribution).

    Other Appearances

    King (II) has appeared in every canonical Tekken since Tekken 3.

    This specific King also appears in many spin-off and non-canonical games such as Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken Advance, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, and Tekken Hybrid.


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