FYI: EU version of Kingdom Hearts 3DS has only 3 Subtitle Types.

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Like Birth by Sleep, the voiceovers in all the European versions of Kingdom Hearts 3D are only in English. What I believe is unlike Birth by Sleep is that, only the three subtitle options available in the European version of Kingdom Hearts 3D will be English, French and German. Square Enix did say that the manual would be translated into Spanish for Spain and Italian for Italy, but in both of those cases the only subtitles available for the actual game will be English. Considering Giant Bomb's big European following, I figured you guys would want to be made aware of this. Source.

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Damn it. No Japanese somethings?

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Isn't Spain in Mexico?

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@Video_Game_King said:

Damn it. No Japanese somethings?

Square Enix generally doesn't include the Japanese voice option in their Kingdom Hearts localizations. There's no reason for them to start now.

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The characters in this game are so fucking dumb. There's a fucktard named Rhyme. The story is even dumber. I play this for the combat. Thankfully it delivers big time. Once you "master" the freeflow combat it's so good. There have been a couple of instances where some techno remix tune kicked in and I just wanted to smash my 3ds. The charm of KH was 1 and 2 for me I guess. I like the games but then I see these generic dream-mumbling spike-haired asswipes named Riku, Siku, Neku, Kuku....and the list goes on. George is gettin UPSET!

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@Xolare: I hope that was a joke. It's the internet so you never know :D

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