Whole bunch of Kingdom Hearts Info from new Nomura Interview

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In this week's Famitsu, they had a new interview with Tetsuya Nomura. He talked about alot of projects (a lot of news for Final Fantasy Versus XIII fans apparently came out of it), but here is a summary of the tidbits that relate to Kingdom Hearts.

Or, here is major info (there is more in the link though):

- KH3D is in the final stage of production.

- There will be a special 3DS bundle announced but we'll have to wait for it.

- KH3D's release date will be announced soon.

- A surprise announcement for the 10 year anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series will be coming.

- KH3D has an ending that will be shocking, and unconventional for the series.

- The ending that was originally planned for the game was not approved.

- KH3D's secret ending will connect to a future game in the series.

- The secret ending of Re:coded, and the secret ending of KH3D will tie in together.

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Oh Nomura, when will you go away and let someone who can design worth a damn take your place? Square now makes me sad in pants.

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