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I've always been waiting to play kingdom hearts since it was the first game I really ever got in to, but that was years ago when I never beat any of my games and I had better things to do. Now many years later when I consider myself somewhat of a hardcore yet somewhat casual gamer, I decided to finally pick up kingdom hearts again. 
I bought the game about three days ago, and beat it yesterday and loved every minute of it, maybe it's just the nostalgia or maybe it's just the best game ever, but now I'm desperate to see what happens next. So this is why I need your help, what do I do next? Do I go straight to kingdom hearts 2, or do I play chain of memories, or do I just read the graphic novel? I just want to get the best experience I can for my nostalgia starved mind, so please just give me your recommendation :)

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chain of memories first it will be confusing as hell but play it because it fills in the time between the two games.

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You should definitely jump straight into Chain of Memories, its a very different gameplay experience and gaps the holes between the first and second game. By the time your done with that, you will be ready to hit up Kingdom Hearts 2!

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Ok thanks for the advice, but what about the graphic novel that follows the same story as CoM, would be better to just read that instead?

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