Proposals for Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3

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So, reading a thread earlier about Duck Tales reminded me that I wouldn't mind seeing seeing Duckberg appear as a level in the next Kingdom Hearts game, which got me to thinking about possible worlds in general.  If you'd care to, share your ideas for what worlds you'd like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts game.  Naturally, the only rule is that it has to be based on a property owned by Disney or one of its affiliates (ABC, Touchstone, Miramax, etc.).  I'll go first:

1.  Duckberg - Duck Tales

2. Cape Suzette - Talespin

3. The Great Outdoors and The Powerline Concert - A Goofy Movie

4. St. Canard - Darkwing Duck

5. The Ant Hill - A Bug's Life

6. Syndrome's Secret Base - The Incredibles

7. The Island - LOST

I want the venues from A Goofy Movie to work as music minigames, sort of like Atlantica did in KH2.  Except Sora, Donald, and Goofy wouldn't help sing this time, because their voices are stupid and also dumb.  Instead, they'd would have to just dance along while Powerline sings.

I also like the idea of using the island from LOST because it would be so stupid and surreal.  They could introduce you to the world with the gummi ship crashing onto the island, and then the world could be formatted like the show, so it would randomly cut from whatever you're doing to some flashback from the characters' pasts (relevant or not; I think there would be opportunities for humor there), using all of the show's musical cues.  A climactic moment would come when John Locke tells Jack that it's their destiny to help Sora and friends, then Jack gets flustered and yells, "Help them?  John, they're NOT EVEN REAL!" in the awesome way he likes to do.  Think about it, and submit your own!

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Expand Port Royal into The Caribbean. Sora absolutely has to face Davy Jones and Cutler Becket.

I can imagine Sherwood Forest from Disney's Robin Hood being pretty good.

Narnia would also be awesome.

I'm surprised more people haven't responded to this thread.

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I just want to team up with Vin Diesel in The Pacifier world.

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JJOR64 said:
"I just want to team up with Vin Diesel in The Pacifier world."
Oh dude... Imagine that...
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..........The only thing i want to see is KH3 not suck *then again its square and disney so that will be a cold day in hell* regardless of that what i really don't wanna see is abritery stupid ass cameos of final fantasy and square characters it sucked in KH2. KH1 atleast stood on its own two feet cause it had so few of these, where as KH2 had all these stupid cameos and shit of square properties and pretty much none of them were good.

AS for that they ruined one of the better characters in the final fantasy Universe Setzer from final fantasy 6 he was a pretty boy metrosexul/gay man who was an ass hole, and it was probably cause they couldn't have another brooding type cause they all ready had like 3 of those in the game *squall and cloud being 2 of them*

and the whores from x-2 as miscivious fairies that pop on for a few seconds to annoy you with some inane side quest, as well sepiroth was not nearly as hard this time around, I actually had a challenge in maxed out characters in KH1 in KH2 sephy went down to a maxed out sora simply by using the faux friend attack you get if you do the friend special and they aren't there you do a super strong attack instead and it will take away like half his particular life bar.

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JJOR64 said:
"I just want to team up with Vin Diesel in The Pacifier world."
Wait, is The Pacifier a Disney property?  That's perfect!  I really don't see Vin Diesel in games often enough.
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I'd like to see these worlds: 
1- Goku's Planet (Earth) 
2- LOST's Island 
3- Midgar 
4-Mortal Kombat worlds (lol, just joking) 
4- maybe others, that I don't remember on the moment
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Id love to see a Toy Story world added. That would be highly amusing i think.

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I would love to see some toy story and some old school Disney.

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Here's a proposal: Make sure the game is mechanically sound before you even start thinking about worlds and characters. I love the idea of a Final Fantasy-Disney crossover, but Kingdom Hearts was practically unplayable. The camera, the combat, the platforming... all of the mechanics were just terrible


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