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Kingdom Hearts 0

This game has a complicated plot...but ....easy to follow. I think thats a positive qualitiy. This game has diverse areas to visit and multiple things you can do just to have fun. I loved this game because it has a touching story. The story has to be awesome to draw my attention. This game has some really good graphics at some specific moments, such as the ending, which was also amazing by the way. Nuff said. :D...

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Goofy kicks ass!! 0

When I first heard that the guys who made Final Fantasy and Disney were making a game, I was a little weary of the concept. Disney movies had started to slowly decrease in quality as the years had gone on (and as they had stolen more souls), and I was never really a fan of RPGs, so when I bought this game on a whim I was pleasantly surprised. Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing game from Square and Disney. The story follows Sora, the player character, Donald Duck, your parties mage, and Goo...

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A fun-filled romp through the wonderful worlds of Disney 0

It's rare that a game comes along that reminds you of the best moments in your childhood and yet is still fun enough to keep you interested beyond mere nostalgia. Kingdom Hearts does just that through solid action-RPG gameplay which balances the timeless history of Disney with the unequaled gaming pedigree of Square. In this tale, you play the role of Sora, a young boy who lives on a small island and dreams of exploring the world beyond with his two best friends, Riku and Kairi. He has been havi...

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Kingdom hearts(Made for kids?) 0

You might think that Kingdom hearts is for kids but it is too hard for kids or people over 12 that ain't gamers. Anyways I think the game is exstremly good because the story is completly advanced and confusing and I like that. The gameplay is really annoying because the only way you control the camera is L2 and, and you who's reading this might be thinking that sounds easy but it isn't because camera moves SLOOOOOWWWLY so you have to use the Lock-on to fight just a little good. It has something ...

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An interesting combination of two universes. 0

Kingdom Hearts was Square's first big hit since Final Fantasy X.  It brought together two popular universes--Disney and Final Fantasy, and melded them into a unique role playing game.  Disney movies and Final Fantasy games contain vastly different stories, but they often have themes of light versus dark, or good versus evil, so you could say that this unique pairing makes sense.  There is a division among fans on whether Disney characters belong in a Square game, so how much you like the game ma...

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A a great start to one of my favorite action RPG series. 0

The idea behind Kingdom hearts is kind of insane. Bring both sqaureenix and disney characters together in on big fantastic story. Does square pull it of? Yes. You'll spend your time going through about a dozen different disney themed worlds, fighting these things called heartless. In the game you play as Sora, a young spikey haired boy, He meets up with donald and goofy and set out to find soras lost friends Riku and kairi. The story is great, both sincere and exciting, offering about 40 hours o...

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Not for everyone 0

I had heard about Kingdom Hearts from many of my friends and how great it was, but this game passed me by at first. It wasn't until a few months ago I saw it at my used game store and decided to give it a whirl.      It was a decision I regret almost as much as getting a Nokia N-Gage.     It's not that I hate Final Fantasy or Disney, I like some of the Final Fantasy games and I generally like Disney, my problem is however that the game decides that not only have you played every single Final Fan...

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Never judge a book by its cover......or some such 0

This game truly came out of nowhere for me, it had become the object for ridicule for me however i came to love it. sure the concept sounds ludicrous, Disney and square that is absolutely unholy! however seeing classic Disney worlds come to life in front of your eyes and being able to explore them is incredibly fun and makes sense. The game play is a mix of RPG elements wrapped in a stranded hack and slash as you would expect,  this can often make using magic pretty comersome but with persiverin...

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A great game, one of the greatest available on ps2. 2

Kingdom Hearts is an awesome game. It successfully combines two almost completely different properties, an act that no one thought would work, into an experience like no other. Its few flaws do almost nothing to damage the overall experience. Gameplay: The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts combines the menu of an rpg and the button mashing action of an action game. You play as Sora, the main hero, with ai controlled allies, Donald and Goofy. These allies work fine, but an option to have a friend com...

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Kingdom Hearts Review 0

    Kingdom Hearts is a game that meshes together two unique worlds, those being Disney and Final Fantasy, to create a creative and compelling piece of interactive entertainment.  With a great mix of excellent story, intense battles, and worlds to explore Kingdom Hearts is easily recommended to anyone, but is a must buy for any die hard  fan of SquareEnix  games.    One of the most appealing things about this game is to find out about the world created from mixing Final Fantasy and Disney toget...

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Kingdom hearts 0

Kingdom hearts is one of the most overrated games on the ps2, its not that its a bad game but it doesnt stand anywhere upto the massive hype that surrounds the game. As far as rpg's go this was pretty average and as far as games in general go, this was pretty average.The battle system is horrible, maybe fun for about the first half hour but it then just becomes a button mash, repeatedly tapping the X button to try and string together combos. healing is also poorly executed, you can have three of...

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A good star to a terrific franchise. 0

As a fan of both Final Fantasy games and Disney Films, this game was simply made for me. The gameplay for the Kingdom Hearts can be hit or miss at times. It is not highly immersive, and for some, you may end up resorting only to mashing the X button. The AI The summons are for the most part useless (although Tinker Bell can be a life saver during certain boss fights). The magic is well balance and early on, are pretty beneficial. After making it to the second half, you'll mainly be using cure ...

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Kingdom Hearts is good family friendly fun. 0

Kingdom Hearts is an easy game to get into. The original characters and story didn't exactly grab me, and the Battle system wasn't all the hot either but visiting Disney worlds and finding all the sidequests was really fun and a good challenge. If you're wanting alot of Final Fantasy out of this, then you'll be sorely disappointed. Despite some small dislikes, the game was pretty fun to play. ----------Battle System---------- The battle system is pretty shallow action hack and slash. Anyone ...

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Kingdom Hearts Video Review 0

Kingdom Hearts is a widely popular game and I probably don't even need to review it. Still it's one of the most perfect examples of how to make a solid action RPG. I'm also a huge Disney fan, so I felt obligated to review it.    ...

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