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253587 Gamer_152 Game Overview 06/25/16 07:28AM 10 Approved
208509 SpongeBat1 Game Overview 12/01/15 05:48PM 154 Approved
152631 mento Game Overview Removed 2nd person. 01/04/15 03:04PM 2 Approved
150505 littlemisssunshine100 Game Overview 12/18/14 12:07AM 2 Denied
144943 BGoldenTLE Game Overview credits 11/06/14 04:57PM 32 Approved
144919 BGoldenTLE Game Overview credits 11/06/14 01:32PM 162 Approved
144916 BGoldenTLE Game Overview credits 11/06/14 01:27PM 166 Approved
144911 BGoldenTLE Game Overview Credits 11/06/14 01:12PM 82 Approved
144838 BGoldenTLE Game Overview credits 11/06/14 01:49AM 86 Approved
144832 BGoldenTLE Game Overview credits 11/06/14 01:29AM 62 Approved
122497 ReverendHunt Game Releases 07/19/14 08:56AM 32 Approved
122477 samanthademeste Game Overview 07/19/14 07:00AM 2 Approved
99305 mustafaeurfali Game Overview 04/11/14 01:37AM 2 Approved
34574 Wakka Game Overview 06/07/13 07:25AM 1 Approved
34573 Wakka Game Overview 06/07/13 07:21AM 1 Approved
34525 Galamoth Game Overview 06/06/13 11:34PM 2 Approved
32633 Sarge__Gunnerz Game Overview I added a section about the choice in the beginning of the game and how it affects the experience that follows. I don't know if this is too detailed for the Giant Bomb wikis but I thought it would be helpful. The tables are confirmed on multiple sources. 05/27/13 08:57PM 130 Approved
31574 Sarge__Gunnerz Game Overview I added Jiminy Cricket to the character list because he is one character that appears throughout the game. He serves as the voice to your journal that records everything that happens in each world. The quote was taken from the character description in game, like the others. 05/21/13 09:42PM 5 Approved
17993 TepidShark Game Overview 03/30/13 12:33AM 10 Approved
13440 TepidShark Game Overview 03/13/13 05:53PM 2 Approved
13437 TepidShark Game Overview 03/13/13 05:51PM 8 Approved
8976 TepidShark Game Overview 02/26/13 11:26AM 1 Approved
8975 TepidShark Game Overview 02/26/13 11:25AM 10 Approved
8528 TepidShark Game Overview 02/25/13 10:33AM 17 Approved
4373 drawfire Game Releases 02/17/13 08:32AM 9 Approved
1264 TepidShark Game Overview 02/13/13 10:27AM 1 Approved

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