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There isn't much to the game. When you first start the game there are two options; the first is Apprentice mode which is basically the easier game, and the other is Wizard mode which is a more difficult and longer version of the game.

The gameplay consists mostly of watching FMV animated cut scenes. Then the player must choose what to do either by clicking on something in the scene to interact with it, selecting an inventory item from the bottom of the screen, or go to the map to move on to another location.

The game is similar to Dragon's Lair in that there are areas that you shouldn't go to because you will die immediately, but there is no way to know this ahead of time unless a character in the game happens to tell you before you do. Sometimes there is items you can find to prevent death, but not always.


The game has an interesting history, given that it was based on the arcade game Thayer's Quest, but the creator, Rick Dyer, decided to change a few aspects for this release (such as the title, and all of the character names which he is said to have believed were "too 70's"), and more animations and puzzles were added.

Kingdom: The Far Reaches was released on PC in 1996 (published by Interplay), but it was released again in 1997 for PC and MAC (published that time by Logicware). The sequel, Kingdom II: Shadoan, was released in 1996 on PC, and released again for PC and MAC in 1997 which would finally conclude the story (which was not originally concluded in Arcades as the original development company went bankrupt before a sequel was released). The original arcade game, Thayer's Quest, would later be re-released as a DVD game in 2005 (published by Digital Leisure).

System Requirements

  • DOS 5.0 or Higher (will play in DOS under Win 95)
  • 386 16 MHz processor
  • 580 KB of free conventional memory
  • 4 MB of RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Hard Drive for saved games
  • 256 color VGA video card and monitor
  • Soundblaster and 100% compatible sound cards (Supports most sound cards)
  • The game requires a mouse and keyboard

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