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    Kingdom Under Fire II

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    Phantagram's large-scale medieval action-strategy game returns on the PC.

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    This time the online mode will be similar to MMO game worlds.
    This time the online mode will be similar to MMO game worlds.
    Announced on January 28th 2008, Kingdom Under Fire II will be published by Phantagram and developed by Blueside and is set to release sometime in 2012.  The game will feature both a single player storyline and a Massively Multiplayer Online RTS mode allowing players to do battle on an epic scale and gain control of the world map. The game will be set approximately 150 years after the events of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders  features the return of the Human Alliance, the Dark Legion and the mysterious Encablossians whose aim is to destroy the Age of Light which has far overrun its natural course.  The Encablossians are let by the Dark Warrior Regnier who allied himself with Encabblosa while trapped in the Dark Dimension.

    First trailer released

    on November 13, 2008, a trailer was released to the public. It showed a new character wielding a large sword and also being able to shoot guns. The number of units seem to be in-game and number in the estimated thousands. "Wyverns" were also shown but this time it seems you will have the option to directly control them. Another interesting aspect of the trailer is the fact that archers were seen on top of a castle wall, possible hinting at castle sieges. Finally, near the end of the trailer, a large creature was shown stomping through the battlefield and crushing units under it's feet. This could possible be a new unit or a successor to the "mammoth" in the original game.


    Many old characters will be returning.
    Many old characters will be returning.
    The game takes place 150 years after the conclusion of  Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. Reigner and Kendal appear in the present day world and find that the place has been ravaged by an alien like race know as the Enclabossians, mutated creatures born of the taint of the dark power from Encablossa. This time Kendal will play a significant role in the story. As for informatioon on the other heroes, not much is known at this time.

    Known Information

    • There will be online multiplayer where players will battle each other on an epic scale.
    • The multiplayer will be more tactical allowing players to capture bases and also to explore different parts of the map for geographical advantages.
    • There are new concepts being added to the multiplayer, they are, Mothership, support for troops, and capturing bases.
    • The learning curve is no longer as steep as the previous games and is designed to be more accessible.
    • You will be able to control more than twice the number of troops than you did in the previous games.
    • The main characters you control now have more life-like movements.
    • The races include the Human Alliance, Dark Legion, and the newly added race, the Encablossians.
    • There will be many new heroes to choose from as well as dozens of  new alien like creatures.
    • There is a new electronic card system that will allow your heroes and troops to become stronger.
    • The game will be an MMO type experience with thousands of players competing in game modes like War, Skrimish, ladder games, and castle siege mode.
    • There will be ten thousand players registered on each server and players will be able to travel in the virtual world in something called a "Mothership". The world is full 3D and player can see numerous ships that are flying as well as exploring. There are many cities in the world and everybody will be able to  become engaged in territorial conquests.

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    • You can join factions and guilds online and partake in these territorial missions and even travel in parties around the continent of Bersia. Depending on the geographical locations, many places will be different like multiplayer field matches, online co-op, and castle siege battles. These battles will determine how guilds and factions take command over the entire continent. This is also how guilds and factions will function and get involved in territorial conquests. Each guild has it's own sphere of influence and territory that must be defended. The amount of land you control expands through conquests, prestige, and as you gain more resources. The world map will be effected by every outcome of every battle as player and or guilds battle each other. Put simply, battles are fought with Peer-to-Peer sessions, a war is declared and the winner gets control of the territory.
    • There will be different battlefield sizes, everything from 2 VS 2 maps to large 15 VS 15 maps. The number of troops that a player can control will depend on the size of the map.
    • Based on the results of the math, player will be rewarded with, items, war funds, and experience points.
    • There will be 160 hot spots where guilds and factions will fight each other for domination. There will be countless quests and mission to be completed. Some missions are story based, other are co-op based, and some are even competitive where you fight other rival players online on an incredibly large scale.

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    • The online mode allows you to trade and auctions items, manage your territory, take jobs from other players as a mercenary or what not, and many more features and activities yet to be announced.
    • The game will have constant updates adding new content to the game on a regular basis.
    • As you defeat enemies, you will gain experience and level up not only your heroes, but your commanding officers and even the troops themselves. You will also be able to use various items that you received from battles, trades, auctions, ect. Items and magic spells can be upgraded as well. All of the items and spells from the previous games will be returning plus many new ones are being added as well. More information on this will be released in the future.
    • The game will have an overarching story so it's not just one battle after another. Each character has his or her own background story.

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