This game just got incredibly real

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So I've been playing this for the last couple of days, and hey, it's really good. The mix of super deep fantasy tropes and monsters is very interesting, and the combat is deep enough that I can enjoy it while being an idiot at strategy. 5 bears beat 1 peasant, for example! 
But holy fucking dicks, this game just got incredibly HARD. I used to lose maybe 1/2 units in a fight, but since I've moved over to the pirate land, or the undead swamp land, it's just getting pants rippingly tough. I'm barely making it out of any fights alive. 
I mix between bears/swordsmen/archers/wolves/inquisitors and priests, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Any KB vet's that can help me out? Much obliged!

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Depending on your character type, it seems to become quite important to cast spells every turn. I've noticed that with my Mage, and my friend's Paladin.

This is probably far too late, but maybe of use to someone in the future.

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