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Kings of Kung Fu: Masters of the Art is an indie 2D fighting game developed by Jae-Lee Productions and published digitally by Digital Tribes for the PC on June 25, 2015.

The first in a series of fighting games by indie developer Jae Lee, Kings of Kung Fu features a roster of characters based on those from martial arts cinema from the 1970s-1990s (including similar likenesses and fighting styles). It also features a similar overall aesthetic to those films, including a film grain effect.

The game's story involves the Kings of Kung Fu Tournament, a martial arts tournament hosted by the mysterious Red Ronin. Fourteen of the finest martial arts stuntmen compete for a movie contract.

The game later received two sequels: Shaolin vs. Wutang: Eastern Heroes and Fighters' Legacy.


The game includes 14 playable characters and two unplayable bosses.

  • Tao Lung
  • Chen Fu
  • Ron Jones
  • Hou Feng
  • Lo Wei
  • John Deux
  • Ju Mao
  • Chang Tai
  • Ken Surugi
  • White Stallion
  • Yuen Wong
  • Lo Chi
  • Shen Wu
  • Jane Fury
  • Claw (unplayable mid-boss)
  • Grey Ghost (unplayable mid-boss)
  • Red Ronin (unplayable final boss)

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