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    King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Nov 22, 1994

    King's Quest VII is a Disney-esque point and click adventure about Queen Valenice and her daughter, Rosella, who get caught up in a quest to save the land of Eldritch from the evil sorceress Malicia.

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    Princess Rosella and her mother Queen Valanice are the central characters in King's Quest VII.

    Longing for something more interesting to do with her life, as told in an opening song, Princess Rosella gazes longingly into a nearby pond.  A magical creature suddenly flies out, and then back into, the pond.  Rosella decides to plunge into the water after the creature.  Queen Valanice sees this happen and quickly jumps into the pond to save her daughter.  They are both whisked away in a giant whirlpool.  Rosella is turned into a troll in the Troll Kingdom.

    The game is composed of six chapters, and you alternately control Princess Rosella and Queen Valanice in alternating chapters.  You begin with Queen Valanice in the desert in Chapter 1. 
    As the story continues, you become aware that you must save the land of Eldritch from an evil witch, Malicia, who wants nothing more than to destroy anyone and anything that gets in her way, as she seeks to become the ruler of Eldritch.


    King's Quest VII plays like a standard adventure game.  This is a point and click adventure game and you simply place the mouse and click, and your character moves to that place on the screen.  When you need to use an object, you simply click on it, and the playable character interacts, picks up, or investigates the selected object.

    King's Quest VII uses a cartoon/Disney-esque style animation that was very progressive for its time.  It was the first of the King's Quest series that was not released on floppy disk due to the size of the game. 


    Queen Valanice

           Mother of Princess Rosella.  Playable Character

    Princess Rosella

           Daughter of Queen Valanice.  Playable Character

    Malicia, Evil Witch

           Seeking to take over Eldritch for her own evil gain.

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