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    Kingsley's Adventure

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Oct 07, 1999

    Kingsley's Adventure was released for PlayStation in 1999. The player follows the story of the aspiring swordsman, Kingsley, a fox that must defeat the evil warlock Bad Custard, and thus save the Fruit Kingdom.

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    The Fruit Kingdom is under threat by the mighty warlock Evil Custard. He has captured many of the great Knights of the Fruit Kingdom and transformed them into his minions the Dark Knights. An important spellbook has also been stolen from the Royal Family and it is up to the aspiring knight Kingsley to reverse Evil Custard's spells and return this spellbook. To do this however he needs to become a fully fledged knight and collect the various items which will make him one by completing various quests and tasks.



    The castle is the inital location where you begin the game. It is where the King and Queen of the Fruit Kingdom Reside as well as Kingsley and various other major characters in the game. This castle becomes the hub world and is the central location connected to the various other worlds in the Fruit Kingdom.

    Sea Town

    Located within the castle library is the first fox hole used for transportation to Sea Town. Sea Town is a coastal town which is being terrorised by Captain Gallagher and Rex. The town contains the first dungeon of which Gallagher is the boss as well as a tavern owned by Briney Jim and other colourful fishfolk. As a reward Kingsley gains the axe and armour.

    Poorluck Village

    This next foxhole is the first of many foxholes located within the Carrot Gardens. Poorluck village is a village which is under threat from the mighty dragon Snuff who has stolen all of the villages food supplies for himself. As well as the dragon's lair on the village outskirts there is a blacksmith which later crafts Kingsley a sword and magic gloves.

    Rosary Village

    This foxhole is also located within the Carrot Gardens and is only accessible after the completion of Poorluck Village. The story of Rorsary village is that the Root Beer Monks have been producing their Root Beer as normal however it has been poisoned by someone and all of the villagers have become sick. An antidote can be collected from the catacombs under the abbey. For this deed Kingsley recieves magic boots and a crossbow.


    The third foxhole in the Carrot Gardens leads to the snowy world of Aphasia. Aphasia is the home of the wizard known as Cornflour who has had his magical robe stolen. Kingsley must enter the castle dungeon nearby and traverse its deep innards to find the thief. Upon completion Kingsley recieves a shiny gem which is attached to his shield. 

    Bad Custard's Castle

    The final world is Bad Custard's Castle. It is here that Kingsley must confront his foe and claim back the book which has been stolen from the Queen. There is only one place to go here and it is directly into Bad Custard's Lair for the final boss fight.



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