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After seeing the Kingsway Quick Look I knew this was something I had to try. I'm not usually a rogue-like enthousiast but the cleverness of this game just spoke to me. It's also only 10€ so that just made it a no-brainer . So far it does not disappoint. I'm about three hours in and on my third run. The first two ended rather quickly as I got used to the interface. It's very easy to lose if you haven't got your shit together. If you are low on health and your potion bag isn't open you are pretty much screwed. The quest system in random and so far consisted of delivering items to the guild. The overarching story quest seems to be not very deep but it gives you clear goals to achieve. Now that I've gotten used to the combat my run is going rather smoothly but I'm sure I'll hit a difficulty wall at some point.

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I think it's either a bit on the easy/simple side, or I got very very lucky. Managed to beat it with my first character with 2 hours on the clock. Mainly spammed points into strenght. After I got a sword with the boulder throw skill it got even easier, dealing 28 dmg per MP and it stuns long enough to keep them stun locked for the next throw.

Game's fun enough, but I'm not sure I want to do another playthrough.

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