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    Kino Der Toten

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    One of the 2 playable Zombie maps on Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is set in the past with Tank, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo as playable characters as they team up to take down the horde of Nazi Zombies and discover the intentions of Group 935, who is responsible.

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    In this new Zombies map, the ever-popular cast of characters (Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Edward Richtofen) from Call of Duty: World at War's Nazi Zombie mode return to take on the hordes within a abandoned Nazi Theater being invaded by the undead and discover the true intentions of the mysterious Group 935. The objective on Kino Der Toten is to survive against the ever-increasing horde of Zombies and to stay alive the longest that you can while amassing the most points and kills possible. Turning on the power unlocks the main theater and allows for access to the mythical Pack-a-Punch machine, which upgrades your weapons to a special level, but it also increases the number of zombies that appear each round and introduces a new kind of zombie: a feral crawler that attacks your ankles and explodes in a dazing cloud of toxic gas when killed.

    As with the Shi No Numa and Der Riese Zombie maps on World at War, you start in a small area of the map with the power turned off and only 500 points to start the match with. The players are tasked with gathering enough points in order to access new areas and to purchase better weapons in the process. There are two possible routes to the main stage area, one through the alley and electrical room on the left of the map, and the other takes you through the bar and dressing rooms on the right side of Kino Der Toten. Access to the center of the map (theater) is granted when the power is activated from the breaker switch backstage. Once powered, the main theater is accessible from the area that the match began in and it activates both the 4 Perk vending machines spread around the map and the teleporter in both the starting area and within the theater's main room. The Mystery Box will appear in pre-determined locations around the map, which will randomly swap locations if the infamous teddy bear appears instead of a weapon whenever the box is activated. The perks that can be purchased can be found below:

    Zombies (Kino Der Toten)
    Zombies (Kino Der Toten)

    1. Quick Revive (1500 Points/500 points (single player)): This perk allows for you to revive a downed teammate in roughly half the time it usually takes to revive them. Lost when downed by zombies and can be re-purchased.

    2. Double Tap Root Beer (2000 Points): This perk allows for your gun to fire roughly twice as fast as it usually does normally. Lost when downed by zombies and can be re-purchased.

    3. Juggernog (2500 Points): This perk grants the player roughly double the normal health and can help the player survive in tight moments. Lost when downed by zombies and can be re-purchased.

    4. Speed Cola (3000 Points): This perk grants the player the ability to reload in a fraction of the standard time it takes to reload. In addition, it allows for the player to re-board the windows twice as fast. Lost when downed by zombies but can be re-purchased.

    Mule Kick (4000 Points): Mule Kick allows the player to have up to 3 guns at once. If the player goes sown he loses the perk and one of his weapons. The perk can be re-purchased.

    (Note: When playing in Solo mode, the Quick Revive grants you temporary invulnerability while you are revived by the effects of the drink after being downed. You gain access to twin pistols that shoot grenades while waiting to be revived. It also appears that after you purchase Quick Revive the third time, the machine disappears from the map and is no longer available for purchase.)

    However, to get access to some of the heavy hitting weapons in the game, you must take a gamble by purchasing a turn on the Mystery Box (Cost is 950 points per turn). The box will cycle through all of the available weapons in the game and will reward the player with a random weapon (anything from a spare pistol to the mighty Ray Gun and all weapons in-between) that they can choose to pick up or not. The weapon that is accepted from the box replaces whichever weapon you have out when you accept the gun, or the weapon returns to the box if untouched and the player may choose to purchase another turn at the box. The box will move to another location, however, if the weapon becomes a teddy bear when it stops cycling randomly through the arsenal. The box will relocate to another location on the map, and it is up to the players to locate the box so they can continue using it to gain access to better weapons.

    Once the power has been activated, the teleporter from the main stage linked up to the pad in the foyer, and the player has earned 5000 points, you may make a visit to the fabled Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade your weapon into a new, advanced form of your prior weapon. Below are 5 such examples:

    Example #1: The MP40 sub-machine gun becomes The Afterburner, a advanced MP40 with more rounds, overall firepower, and a bigger ammo clip to use.

    Example #2: The China Lake grenade launcher becomes the China Beach, a advanced China Lake with 5 shots per clip, increased explosive firepower, and a bigger ammo clip to use.

    Example #3: The Ray Gun blaster becomes the incredible Porter's X-2 Ray Gun, a super-advanced version of the standard Ray Gun that has increased ammo capacity, increased damage per shot (based on a x2 multiplier), and more splash damage in the area of the shot.

    Example #4: The Crossbow becomes the Awful Lawton, a special version of the Crossbow that shoots special explosive-tipped arrows that have a homing device that attracts Zombies to it like the Monkey Bomb does.

    Example #5: The Commando assault rifle becomes the Predator, a advanced version of the Commando that grants you dual magazines for faster reloads, more damage per shot, and more ammo capacity.

    There are three types of Zombies to be found on Kino Der Toten, and below describes the two that you will encounter in your fight to survive against the hordes of the undead:

    • Nazi Zombies: The standard type of Zombie found in the Zombie maps of both Call of Duty: World at War and on Call of Duty: Black Ops. Comes in several variations (some run after you, some shuffle after you, and others lumber after you). Easiest way to bring these suckers down is via headshots or with the might of the powerful Thunder Cannon/Ray Gun.
    • Crawler Zombies: The same as the Nazi Zombies above, minus the ability to walk/run due to missing legs. Created after blowing off or destroying the legs, they are generally slower than their legged counterparts and attack your ankles.
    • Gas Crawlers: Small, mutated beings that crawl along the ground on all fours. They emit a toxic, dazing cloud of gas when they explode after death. These types of Zombies appear after the power has been activated and they enter the map through holes in the roof that appear when the power comes on. They can be made into slower crawlers if you destroy their legs.

    Hidden Easter Egg (115 by Elena Siegman)

    As seen in Shi No Numa (The One) and Der Riese (Beauty of Annihilation), Kino Der Toten features another hidden song that can be triggered by finding all three of the hidden chunks of the meteor that are spread out across the map. You will know if you are close to one of the meteor chunks when you begin to hear a strange, alien-like sound when you access certain parts of the map. The special song for Kino Der Toten is "115" by Elena Siegman (3:45). After the song has finished, it can not be re-activated to play again, so enjoy it while it lasts in your battle against the hordes of the undead.


    There are posters all around the map that say "Faust", which is a reference to a German horror movie.


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