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    Kinzie Kensington

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    Kinzie Kensington is a nerdy computer wizard and member of the Third Street Saints in Saint's Row: The Third.

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    Kinzie Kensington was an intelligence agent working for the FBI, but claims that she was dismissed when the criminal super-gang known as The Deckers framed her for selling U.S. government secrets to the Israeli government's intelligence agency and taking a second job as a paid dominatrix. The Deckers captured her and tied her up on a boat off of the coast of Steelport.

    Role in Saints Row: The Third

    After Oleg Kirrlov joins the Third Street Saints, he tips them off to the location of Kinzie and the Saints go after her, considering her a potentially useful asset. At first Shaundi appears very unhappy with the idea of rescuing Kinzie, but she is welcomed by them and soon becomes an integral part of the crew, helping provide them with intelligence about Syndicate gangs and sabotaging them in various ways. After being rescued Kinzie tips them off to the location of a major pimp in Steelport, Zimos.

    Because of the Decker's involvement in cyber warfare and likely because of her previous history with them, they are the gang she primarily targets for her attacks. One of the first things she does after becoming part of the Saints is create a computer program which when played by the protagonist allows her to hack into Decker systems and shut them down. However, her later action against the Deckers includes everything from practical jokes such as making sure their cars are spray-painted pink, to acts of destruction like infecting their computers with malicious viruses.

    Nearer the end of act 2, the protagonist steals a supercomputer from STAG for Kinzie to use and then steals a special chair from the Decker's hideout which allows human brains to interface with computers. With Kinzie's help, the protagonist is connected to the chair and is able to physically manifest themself inside the Decker's computer network, not unlike the characters in the Tron franchise. As the protagonist makes their way through the Decker system Kinzie helps give them various upgrades in the computer world and counter-hack the restrictions that the Decker leader Matt Miller, is able to place upon them. Eventually the protagonist and Kinzie are able to defeat Miller, and once the Third Street Saints gain complete control of the Decker territory she makes a phone call to the protagonist, saying that she thought things would be back to "normal" but that that hasn't happened.


    Kinzie is shown to be extremely adept at the use of computers; able to quickly hack security cameras, obtain peoples personal details and even destroy the most guarded of computer systems. She also has a great love of technology, appearing passionately excited when the Saints manage to acquire the super-computer and neural interface chair. She is highly reclusive, spending almost all of her time indoors, on computers, with the Saints being the first people she let into her house. Kinzie also displays a great deal of paranoia, in particular seeming to have a strong anxiety that she's being watched or monitored by some outside party. This may be exacerbated by the fact that she doesn't sleep, claiming that it is "forbidden" and that she's more productive this way.

    Kinzie lives in an abandoned warehouse in Steelport, where she usually has the lights off, does not own a bed and has a large number of computer monitors strewn about. While Kinzie does not appear to have a spouse or partner and her sexual orientation is unknown, she does seem to own masturbatory aids, including a Penetrator, and refers to having her own safe word ("teacup") as well as owning a gimp mask, suggesting she enjoys BDSM play. She frequently spouts technical jargon that the rest of the Saints don't understand, with them often telling her to stop talking when she does. Her favorite genre of music is gangsta rap, and she may use recreational drugs, as marijuana can be found in her home.

    Return in Saints Row IV

    Kinzie returns as the Press Secretary in Saints Row IV. She is the first one to escape from her Zin chamber, and she later helps The Boss escape as well. Before doing so, she saves Keith David, the Vice President of the United States. Kinzie acts as the main radio support for The Boss as he makes his way around the simulated version of Steelport.

    Her loyalty mission is similar to the earlier 1950's sitcom mission that The Boss encounters at the beginning of the game. To complete the quest, The Boss must defeat Cyrus Temple who is spreading propaganda around the city. Matt Miller acts as the radio correspondent in this specific part, and the only weapon he is able to provide for The Boss is the Dubstep Gun. Upon completion of this mission, Kinzie will be rewarded with her superpowers.


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