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    Kio Marv

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    A Czech biologist who appears in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The rescue of him and his OILIX formula is the mission in the game.

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    OILIX and Zanzibar Land

    Dr. Marv discovered OILIX, a microbial type of algae capable of producing petroleum-grade hydrocarbons that was very easy to make. This was to be the solution to the world's energy crisis. On his way to the U.S. to demonstrate his discovery his plane was hijacked by Zanzibar Land soldiers, leading to the capture of himself, his bodyguard Gustava Heffner and fellow scientist Dr. Madnar. While Marv and Madnar were taken to confinement, Gustava managed to escape once in Zanzibar Land.

    Solid Snake was tapped by FOXHOUND to commence Operation Intrude F014 to rescue Dr. Marv and obtain OILIX. Snake was able to decipher Marv's radio frequency that he put on a carrier-pigeon, however, not being able to speak Czech he couldn't communicate with the doc. Fortunately Snake was able to find Gustava masquerading as an enemy soldier whom he let use his radio to talk to him. Marv revealed his location, so Gustava and Snake teamed up, rescued Dr. Madnar and were en route to Marv's position when they were ambushed by Metal Gear. Gustava was killed, Madnar was recaptured, and Snake had to find other means of reaching Marv.

    Snake eventually made his way to the detention center where Dr. Marv was held, but he arrived too late. It was at this point that Dr. Madnar admits his treachery: that he was willingly working for Zanzibar Land's leader and that he had killed his former friend. Snake was able to subdue Madnar and found the OILIX formula that Dr. Marv had hidden in a MSX computer game cartridge. After his mission was over there was some concern over whether Snake had the right cartridge but they discovered it was the real deal when they saw Marv's signature on it: his name backwards as Vram 01K when they booted up the MSX2 computer.


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