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Kirari is the first child of an impoverished family. She loves her family dearly and will do anything to help them pull through. Kirari is exceptionally intelligent and easily aces her exams. She has trouble mixing with people of her age. Kirari loves food but is unable to eat spicy food. She loves life and enjoys living.

Sarina is Kirari's best friend and is one of the few people who refers to Sarina by her first name.

Kira Kira


Kirari first met Shikanosuke on her first day working at Taishou Restaurant. He introduced himself as a fellow schoolmate and was involved in the Second Literature Club. Kirari invited him to the club meeting to decide on what to do for the school festival.

That Saturday, STAR GENERATION visited Taishou for their after party. 2 drunk men picked a fight with them and Shikanosuke attempted to break them up. He got knocked out by one of the drunk men. Tonoya apologized for the trouble and gave Shikanosuke and Kirari 2 tickets for their next performance. They watched the performance and was impressed and inspired.

Chapter 1: Anarchy at the School

Kirari suggested to Chie to play as a band for the school festival. They then decided on their roles. Initially Kirari wanted the drums but Chie convinced her to be the vocalist. The group also requested Tonoya to coach them.

Kirari's birthday
Kirari's birthday

Near the end of June, the group planned a birthday celebration for Kirari. Kirari once expressed her desire for a Shure 55SH microphone. She liked its nickname 'skull microphone'. Shikanosuke and Chie bought her the microphone. Shikanosuke cycled Kirari to Tonoya's house where they held the party.

During the summer, Japan experienced a lot of rain. Sarina suggested that they practice at her house while her grandfather was away. Chie suggested that Shikanosuke dresses in drag because Sarina's grandfather would not allow guys to enter. Kirari was jealous because Shikanosuke was more attractive than she was.

For the festival performance, Kirari begged Shikanosuke to perform in drag. Their performance was a great success. Yagihara was there to witness Kirari's talent.

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

Kirari tutored Shikanosuke before working full time during the summer break. At the fireworks festival, Kirari expressed her interest in Shikanosuke. Tonoya invited them to play at STAR GENERATION's 5th year anniversary party.

Some time later, Yagihara's friend who owns a live house at Nagoya called Music Farm invited the Second Literature Club band to play at his live house. Yagihara suggested that the band go on a tour around Japan. On the way to Nagoya, Tonoya suggested that they maintain a blog about their tour. Kirari volunteered to write the blog.

Kirari depressed
Kirari depressed

They then traveled to Osaka. The booking manager was an unsavory character and Kirari expressed her dislike of him. The group decided to look for another live house. They found an opening in a live house that was managed by Tomo.

During the performance, Kirari was unable to sing. The group left for a hotel but the van broke down on the way in the rain. Kirari voiced her regret for causing them trouble but they explained that no one blamed her for anything. They then pushed the van to a nearby abandoned garage and they spent the following days there while they composed their next original.

2 days later, Kirari invited Shikanosuke to town in the evening. There they saw a girl and a man in suit making a scene. 2 yakuza men showed up and scared the man away. Kirari invited them to their upcoming performance.

The group performed 'Let's Jump' and their second original 'To be by your side'. The leader of the yakuza men, Satoh, was impressed by Kirari's singing and invited the group for blow fish at a restaurant. Satoh, who Kirari nicknamed 'Satocchi', explained that his late younger brother used to play for a rock band and Kirari's singing reminded Satoh of his brother. Satoh gave Kirari his brother's guitar.

Performance at Fukuoka
Performance at Fukuoka

On Kirari's path, Tomo suggested that the band play at a large event at Fukuoka. On the way, Kirari requested to stop by Hiroshima. There, she learned to play the guitar and composed their new original song 'Like a Life, Like a Live'. She claimed that the guitar taught her.

At Fukuoka, Kirari revealed her feelings for Shikanosuke and kissed him on stage. She explained that she loved how Shikanosuke is so nice to her.

After returning from the tour, Shikanosuke returned her feelings.

Chapter 3: Your Pretty Face is Going to...

Shikanosuke had quit his part-time job to study full time. He later discovered that Kirari had quit her job. Shikanosuke then visited her at her home. She explained that her mother recently fell ill and that her father found a better paying job for her. Kirari refused to explain the details of the job but she explained that she needed to put their relationship on hold until her family's situation improved.

Kirari hospitalized
Kirari hospitalized

In Kirari's normal ending, her father fell into depression. He set his house on fire and Kirari struggled to rescue her family. Finally, she returned one last time to rescue her prized microphone. She was hospitalized and her mother called Shikanosuke to visit her.

Kirari was happy to see him and passed away soon after. Shikanosuke fell into depression and subconsciously walked to Kirari's house. He salvaged Kirari's bag where he found her belongings and a tape recorder which contains recording of her humming.

Chapter 4: Even in [Their] Youth

Kirari's funeral was held at the local community center. Sarina was especially devastated.

Shikanosuke failed the exams and joined Murakami's band Happy Cycle Mania. One day 5 years later, Shikanosuke honored Kirari's grave and he had a dream that night. In it, Kirari guided him to the Second Literature Club room and finally to Kirari's house. He discovered Kirari's bag and the tape recorder.

After the dream, Shikanosuke overcame his depression and composed a song based on the recording. The song was called 'Kira Kira'.

True Ending

In Kirari's true ending, Shikanosuke demanded that Kirari explain the details of her promised job. Kirari gave in and confessed. Shikanosuke was appalled by her father's choice to put Kirari through it and he confronted him. Kirari's father calmly laid out his reasons and Shikanosuke was unable to mount a proper argument and could only accuse him of laziness. He reluctantly gave up.

Kirari resigns to fate
Kirari resigns to fate

Kirari approached Shikanosuke after his argument. Shikanosuke asked if Kirari honestly agreed with her father's decision. Kirari broke down and confessed that she had resigned to fate of being born to a poverty-stricken family.

The next day, Kirari revealed the events that led to their situation. Kirari's father used to work a successful company. He decided to start his own company. He fell ill from over-work and his company crumbled with him. He lost the motivation to work and accumulated a large amount of debt and then resorted to loan sharks. The interest spiraled out of control. He also refused welfare due to his pride.

Later, Kirari's father expressed his sadness for putting his family through such trouble. Eventually he attempted suicide. The police found him and he was hospitalized. He attempted suicide again under Shikanosuke's watch. He reasoned that Kirari's father's death would solve the family's problems and he allowed him to die. No one else found how Kirari's father died.

Kirari was devastated by her loss and Shikanosuke was too ashamed to face Kirari. Kirari's father's debts died with him and her family qualified for welfare.

Kirari returns to Shikanosuke
Kirari returns to Shikanosuke

Some time later during New Year's Day, Kirari had overcome her depression and approached Shikanosuke. She felt disturbed because her life had improved so much after her father's death. Shikanosuke felt guilty and revealed the details of her father's death. After some thinking, Kirari understood and appreciated Shikanosuke's intention and forgave him. She also resolved to accept the recording contract to convey her feelings and a sense of hope through her singing.

Several years later, Kirari recorded her first original single with Shikanosuke's accompaniment titled 'Lead You to Dream'.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call

Second Stage

The Second Literature Club band's final performance
The Second Literature Club band's final performance

Three years after the events of Kira Kira, Kirari was on tour around Europe. She is very happy and she texted Shikanosuke conveying her happiness. 2 years later, Shikanosuke phoned Kirari about Happy Cycle Mania's 5th year anniversary concert and she explained that she will be able to attend it.

Back at Tokyo, Kirari waited for Shikanosuke at the train station. They went to the live house together. Kirari revealed to Murakami that her dream is to be a housewife for Shikanosuke. Kirari listed Shikanosuke as "Shikako", much to his dismay. They then performed as the Second Literature Club band with Sarina and Chie.


Kirari uses a yellow-colored Gibson Les Paul Junior Special P-90.

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