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    Kirby: Planet Robobot

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Apr 28, 2016

    When Planet Popstar is invaded by robots, Kirby must defend his home against them - and give them a dose of their own medicine by commandeering their technology.

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    Kirby: Planet Robobot is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. It marks the 15th main installment in the Kirby franchise, releasing on the Nintendo 3DS in 2016.

    Along a vibrant and dynamic 2.5D environment, Kirby floats, slide attacks, inhales, and star spits his way to the golden exit door at the end of each stage. This time around, the pink puffball from Dreamland has a new toy: Robobot Armor. After defeating an Invader Armor mid-boss, or hopping into a vacant suit mid-stage, Kirby plows through his enemies with greater ease utilizing Robobot versions of familiar copy abilities. Often times, the Robobot allows Kirby to solve simple puzzles, or reach secret areas, with important collectables as his reward. Code Cubes are the key to facing the boss in each of the 6 main zones in this techno world, but Kirby can also nab a variety of stickers to slap onto his Robobot between stages.


    Napping beneath a tree on the colorful Planet Popstar, Kirby wakes to the sight of extraterrestrial robot invaders from the Haltmann Works Company. Their goal is to harvest resources from the planet. King Dedede’s castle cannons and Meta Knight’s Halberd are no match for the weaponry of the giant spacecraft. It’s once again up to Kirby to save his planet.

    After making his way through the greenery of the Patched Plains, the bustling town of Resolution Road, and the docks of OverloadOcean, Kirby meets Susie, the secretary of the Haltmann Works Company. Failing to defeat the pink puffpall with her mech suit, she reveals plan B. Kirby’s rival, Meta Knight, has been captured and mechanized. Acting as Susie’s new personal security guard, Meta Knight attacks, but is defeated, collapsing into a deep ravine before the Haltmann Works Company’s control can be lifted.

    Soon finding himself in the sleepy city of Rhythm Route, Kirby once again runs into Susie who is surprised by his persistence. This time, she deploys a clone of King Dedede who is soundly defeated.

    Now that the final area supplying the company with power has been shut down, Kirby breaches the mothership to face the powerful defenses of its headquarters, the Access Ark. At the heart of the ark lies the office of President Haltmann himself where Susie again sends a newly upgraded Mecha Knight+ against the pink hero. After his second defeat, Mecha Knight is freed from the company’s control and President Haltmann chooses to reveal himself. He expresses his disappointment with Susie’s performance and dismisses her before revealing that he has reactivated a powerful wish-granting computer named Star Dream. Using a mech suit of his own, President Haltmann engages Kirby in battle similar to that of Susie’s. Haltmann and his suit are bested. Enraged by the “Savages” of Planet Popstar, the greedy President dons a special helmet to take control of the Star Dream. Suddenly, he is betrayed by Susie who forcefully removes the helmet, revealing her plan to sell the wish-granting machine to the highest bidder.

    The Star Dream intervenes, shooting down Susie and possessing President Haltmann, speaking through him. It has been studying the cosmos through the Haltmann Works Company and has found all organic life forms a nuisance. It intends to wipe all life from the universe.

    The Star Dream blasts off into space. Kirby enters a Robobot given to him by Susie who has put her selfishness aside. On his way to confront the massive machine, Kirby encounters Meta Knight one last time who is ready to unite against a common enemy. Fusing with Meta Knight’s Halberd, Kirby becomes the pilot of a giant pink ship ready for a fight.

    After a long battle, Kirby and his Robobot are ejected from a defeated Halberd to finish the confrontation. Kirby loses consciousness, but is saved by his Robobot which tosses him towards Popstar and sheds a tear at the loss of his new organic friend.

    Kirby wakes back on Popstar. The mechanization of his planet has been undone. Friends and enemies rejoice together with the exception of proud Meta Knight aboard his Halberd…


    Like most games in the series, gameplay focuses on copying enemy abilities to traverse platforms, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles. Stages generally focus on expanding the mechanics of a couple specific abilities available to Kirby within the stage and are punctuated by puzzles securing Code Cubes or Stickers.


    The game sold 1.08m copies worldwide as of September 30, 2016.


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