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    Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Apr 15, 2004

    Kirby's second outing on the Game Boy Advance introduces a labyrinth world that up to four players can explore co-operatively or solo with the help of AI companions.

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    Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is a Game Boy Advance game developed by Flagship Co., Ltd. (with assistance from Dimps Corporation) and published by Nintendo. It is the second Kirby title for the GBA and is somewhat inspired by Flagship's work on the Four Swords game included with the GBA port of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. However while Fours Swords keeps players working closely together, in The Amazing Mirror player are free to separate and conquer challenges independently. Playing without human partners results in the game AI controlling the three other Kirbys, which creates a markedly different experience. Regardless of the number of players engaged, the maze-like Mirror World holds a challenge unique to the series. Flagship would later revisit the Kirby series with Kirby: Squeak Squad on the Nintendo DS .


    Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is unique from the rest of the series, in the way that it is structured in a way similar to Metroid where the entire game is a large explorable area in which new areas and warps can be established.

    There is a variety of extras hidden in chests such as maps, sound test tracks, different colors for Kirby, and additional health pieces. These chests are well hidden behind puzzles that require certain abilities. The Master Sword can be used to bypass any puzzle in the game. However, the sword is only accessible after defeating the game's final boss.

    There is a total of nine areas in the game, each containing a boss who holds a piece of the mirror. When all nine mirror pieces are collected, the mirror will be completed and the final boss can be faced.


    Regular enemies

    • Bang-Bang: Flies towards Kirby with little control, explodes upon impact.
    • Batty: Hangs from a surface and gives chase upon seeing Kirby.
    • Big Waddle Dee: A bigger version of Waddle Dee.
    • Blipper: A fish that can swim in the water, but flops around if it gets to land.
    • Blockin: Disguises himself as a star block and attacks if inhaled.
    • Bomber: Explodes killing all enemies on screen, but only if colliding with a surface or Kirby.
    • Boxin: Tries to punch Kirby while jumping back and forth.
    • Bronto Burt: Flies towards Kirby in a zigzag pattern.
    • Chip: Hops around an a usually predetermined path.
    • Cookin: Throws a frying pan at Kirby, if it hits, Kirby is flipped and cooked on a frying pan.
    • Cupie: Flies through walls and shoots arrows at Kirby.
    • Droppy: Inhales Kirby and steals his ability, turning into whatever enemy Kirby inhaled to get said ability.
    • Flamer: Runs along walls until it notices Kirby, it will then break off the wall and fly towards Kirby.
    • Foley: Stays in a fixed position in the air, if Kirby gets too close, it will fall to the ground and explode upon impact.
    • Giant Rocky: A bigger version of Rocky.
    • Glunk: Stays underwater and fires at Kirby.
    • Golem: Attempts to attack Kirby, gives different abilities depending on its color, and whether it is rolling, punching, or doing nothing.
    • Gordo: Follows a predetermined path and cannot be killed.
    • Haley: Flies through the sky but will not change path if Kirby is spotted.
    • Heavy Knight: A bigger version of Sword Knight.
    • Hot Head: Tries to breathe fire on Kirby.
    • Jack: Stays in cannons, making them unusable, it can be blasted out of a cannon if the fuse is lit though.
    • Laser Ball: Can float through walls and shoot lasers at Kirby.
    • Leap: Flies through the air and kisses Kirby, making him unable to move as he wipes it off.
    • Metal Guardian: Stays in armor until Kirby gets close, will then fire lasers at Kirby.
    • Minny: A very small enemy that just moves around.
    • Mirra: Attaches to a Mirror Door and will burrow into the ground if it spots Kirby, taking the Mirror Door with it.
    • Noddy: Takes a few steps and then lies down.
    • Parasol Shotzo: A Shotzo that flies through the air with its attached Parasol.
    • Pengi: Blasts cold air at Kirby to freeze him.
    • Prank: Will attempt to throw projectiles at Kirby, or paint his face, both of which do damage. He will also sometimes throw banana peels, which trip Kirby and make him lose his ability.
    • Rocky: Leaps towards Kirby, attempting to crush him.
    • Roly-Poly: Rolls down hills to hit Kirby.
    • Scarfy: Stays in on place unless Kirby tries to inhale it. If that is the case, it furiously chases towards Kirby, exploding on impact.
    • Shadow Kirby: Fights with Kirby, dropping a power up if defeated.
    • Shooty: Aims small laser beans at Kirby while flying through the air.
    • Shotzo: Shoots projectiles at Kirby and cannot be defeated.
    • Sir Kibble: Throws a boomerang at Kirby.
    • Snooter: Eats power ups, and Kirby if he gets too close. Will also become enraged and faster if hit by a non-lethal attack.
    • Sorar: Flies in a predetermined path and fires blasts.
    • Sparky: Moves towards Kirby and then releases a spark blast.
    • Squishy: Moves through the water and jumps around if above land.
    • Sword Knight: Attacks Kirby with a sword.
    • Twister: Flies around like a tornado.
    • UFO: A rare enemy that flies around the screen attempting to hit Kirby. It also fires lasers.
    • Waddle Dee: Runs towards Kirby.
    • Waddle Doo: Fires a beam at Kirby, just like the Beam ability.
    • Wheelie: Rolls around the stage like a wheel towards Kirby.


    • Batafire: Flies through the air and charges at Kirby.
    • Bombar: Flies and shoots missiles at Kirby
    • Box Boxer: Throws projectiles, but can also punch and grab Kirby.
    • Boxy: Rams at Kirby or throws boxes at him, which contain food, batteries, or enemies.
    • Bonkers: Attacks Kirby with his hammer, and sometimes throws projectiles at him.
    • Master Hand: Attacks Kirby with attacks similar to when he appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series. Appears with Crazy Hand as a boss.
    • Mr. Flosty (Frosty): Throws ice at Kirby. His name in past games was Mr. Frosty, but was mistranslated this game as Mr. Flosty.
    • Phan Phan: Rolls at Kirby, throws him around, or throws apples at him.


    • Crazy Hand: Appears with Master Hand and retains many of his abilities from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
    • Dark Meta Knight: Fights with a sword just like Meta Knight, but is faster and harder to avoid.
    • Dark Mind: The final boss who has three forms. Kirby fights him with the Master Sword.
    • Gobbler: Moves around in the water and tries to bite Kirby, or fire torpedoes at him.
    • King Golem: Causes rocks to fall from the sky and can summon Golems to fight for him. Cannot Move.
    • Kracko: Summons Waddle Doos, Flamers, and Twisters. Also fires a beam at Kirby and causes rain.
    • Mega Titan: Fires his arms at Kirby, in his second form, his head floats around shoots missiles.
    • Moley: Burrows and attacks Kirby by throwing rocks at him.
    • Wiz: Flies around and pulls enemies and projectiles out of his hat.


    • Speed Eaters: A pan reveals that there are either apples or bombs on a plate. If "A" is pressed Kirby inhales whatever is on the plate. Each apple is worth one point (first to eight points wins), and bombs make the player lost a turn.
    • Crackity Hack: Stop the bar when it's closest to the top and then hit "A" when the crosshairs line up to make Kirby jump up and make a large crack in the planet.
    • Kirby's Wave Ride: Press "A" when Kirby surfs at the height of a wave to make him go faster. Get to the finish first to win.
    • Boss Endurance: After beating the game, this mode is unlocked. Kirby fights multiple bosses and mid-bosses while only being able to use 4 maximum tomatoes throughout the whole run.

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