Kirby's Dream Course

    Game » consists of 17 releases. Released Sep 21, 1994

    Kirby's Dream Course is a mini-golf simulator with a unique Kirby twist. It was released by HAL Laboratory for the SNES and later became available in the Wii Shop's Virtual Console.

    Fans have made the Game Grumps a Kirby's Dream Course rom hack with 100 levels

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    #1  Edited By SpaceInsomniac

    This is incredible. I've loved this game for ages, and while it was neat to see a renewed interest in it from being featured on Game Grumps, this is on a whole other level. In addition to all the new courses, fans also added new art, a new intro, and even new music from Star Bomb.

    All because Aaron and Danny were sad when they finished the original game, and said that they wished they had more levels to play. That's pretty awesome.

    Does anyone know of any similar situations where fans have developed rom hacks for specific You Tubers? The closest I can think of are the versions of The Stanley Parable that included some You Tuber specific alterations.

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