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This game should be called Todd Macfarlane's Spider Circus! I'm not a KISS head by any means but I'd actually prefer that to a game full of Todd MacFarlane's twisted clowns! There are a few times where a KISS song will play on a jukebox or something and it feels so out of place in this wannabe Marilyn Manson cover of a Nine Inch Nails song setting. Weapons are ineffective and ammo is relatively scarce. Enemies are mostly spiders and come from the Daikatana school of tiny swarming creature design, and they even put Gauntlet-style monster generators (which goes great with low ammo counts). Did they sit down and actually try to make the game annoying? And yes, this is one of those crummy FPS games from the year 2000 where every time an enemy breathes on you it takes away 20% of your health.

The game runs on Lithtech, which does not play with modern OSes gracefully. The polling rate on the mouse movement was odd, resulting in a sickening jitteriness to lateral movement.

KISS:PS:TNC is just a lame fps, and not in the amusing way I had hoped. One thing I liked is that when you find and equip Gene Simmons' boots you can jump higher. Also I was going through a goth industrial city scape and turned a corner once and just suddenly had a painting of Paul Stanley in my face and it made me laugh.

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