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    The unfortunate bearer of the Twilight Bracelet in the .hack series.

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    Kite is the main character of the .hack//INFECTION subsection of the .hack series. He is a new player to The World who is being introduced to it by his friend, Orca, and on being shown The World stumbles across Aura being chased by Skeith. This leads to Orca being data drained and left in a coma, which provides Kite's main motivation for the game - find the cause of people calling into comas when playing The World, so that it can be solved and Orca will wake up.

    Kite receives the Twilight Bracelet from Aura, which gives him the ability to hack various things in The World. These hackings fall into two categories - data draining and gate hacking. He is the only person who can do these things and access corrupted areas of The World.

    In the real world Kite is a 14 year old junior high school student in 8th grade. He lives in Japan and goes to school with his best friend Yasuhiko, the person behind the character Orca. Outside of playing the World he enjoys playing soccer with his friends, but is not part of an actual soccer team. He also loves building models and reading science fiction books.


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