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    The gruff Elven ranger in Baldur's Gate has his own personal reasons for siding with your cause.

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    Kivan is an Elven Ranger from the forests of Shilmista who can be recruited as a party member in Baldur's Gate. He can be found in High Hedge, just west of Beregost, and offers to hunt bandits with you. His motivation is revenge: bandits, led by the half-ogre Tazok, captured him and his beloved, Deheriana. She died in their hands, and he now seeks his revenge. His quest dovetails nicely with your own, as Tazok turns out to be one of Sarevok's right hand men.

    As a character, Kivan is very gruff. His voice is harsh, and he grumbles quite a bit when commanded to move. His charisma is quite low, and he gives the distinct impression of one who prefers silence to chatter. He can, however, be courteous with his fellow party members, and will inform both the player character and occasional other party members that they are valuable companions. He hates Viconia, as she is Drow, and will eventually come to blows with her if they are together in a party for too long.

    Stat-wise, Kivan has high dexterity and even higher strength, and with his Elven affinity for bows, he makes a deadly archer.

    Kivan is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

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