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    Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 20, 1996

    The sequel to SNK's bizarre weapon-based fighter Savage Reign, Kizune Encounter adds 2v2 tag-team combat with a revamped control scheme and a less colorful ambience.

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    Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle (known in Japan as Fu'un SUPER TAG BATTLE) is a 2D tag-team weapon-based fighting game developed and released by SNK for arcades (using Neo Geo MVS hardware) on September 20, 1996.

    The sequel to Savage Reign, Kizuna Encounter adds a new two-on-two tag team battle system (replacing the dual-line system of the previous game) while revamping the control scheme, adding new protagonists (Rosa and Kim Sue-Il), and adding a darker tone. The story involves the return of the mysterious King Leo and a new Battle of the Beast God tournament.

    Early location tests of the game included a special 4-player version, known as "Special Version" in Japan and "4way Battle Version" outside of Japan, which allowed up to four players to control each fighter (with either one four-player cabinet or two linked two-player cabinets). The final version of the game includes this functionality hidden, which is unlocked when special hardware (such as the prototype NEO-FTC1B board) is used.

    Kizuna Encounter was later released for the Neo Geo AES platform on November 8, 1996, adding a special mode that allows the second player to take control of the partner character (similar to the 4-player version above). It is known for its very limited European release, which is believed to be one of the rarest AES games in circulation.

    It was later released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan only (combined with the predecessor to form the 2007 compilation Fu'un Super Combo) and was digitally re-released for the Wii (via Virtual Console) on June 28, 2011 in Japan only.


    All characters, with the exception of Carol Stanzak and Nicola Zaza, return from Savage Reign. Introduced are two new protagonists and one final boss, who is also unlockable with a cheat code.

    Both boss characters can not use a partner, and must be faced in a 2v1 match (1v1 if their opponent also uses a boss character).

    New Characters

    • Rosa (Katana)
    • Kim Sue-Il (Kim Yung-Mok in versions outside of Japan and North America, Bo Staff)
    • Jyazu (final boss, unlockable with cheat code, Talons)

    Returning Characters

    • Sho Hayate (Boomerang)
    • Max Eagle (Hercules Ax)
    • Gordon Bowman (Stun Tonfa)
    • Mezu (Fire Talons)
    • Gozu (Ice Talons)
    • Joker (Magic Goods)
    • Chung Paifu (Flame Staff)
    • King Lion (Shishioh in the Japanese version, Sword of Leo)
    • King Leo (boss, unlockable with cheat code, Real Shishioh in the Japanese version, Sword of Leo)

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