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    K.K. Slider

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    Named after long-time Nintendo composer Kazumi Totaka, K.K. Slider is a guitar-playing dog from the Animal Crossing series. He will appear at specific times in the player's town, to play songs and accept requests from the player.

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    Animal Crossing (GC)

    In Animal Crossing for the Gamecube, K.K. Slider appears every Saturday night between 8p.m. and midnight in front of the train station on a box. He will give a list of songs to the player that he will play between the given time. He will only play one request from a player. After playing a song, K.K. will give the player a copy of the song that can be played inside a stereo in the player's home.

    Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    In Animal Crossing for the DS, K.K. Slider appears every Saturday night between 8p.m. and midnight at the coffee shop under the museum called "The Roost." He will only give the player a list of songs during the half hour before he performs (7:30-8). As in the original, K.K. will give the player the song he just played after he is done.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii)

    In Animal Crossing for the Wii, K.K Slider plays the same role that he did in Wild World.

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

    Slider working at Club 444
    Slider working at Club 444

    K.K. Slider appears once again in the 3DS installment of Animal Crossing, however his role has changed somewhat compared to the previous games. Slider no longer performs in the basement of the museum, but now performs under the Great Tree, which the player plants as their first duty as mayor. Slider also has a second job, working as the DJ at Club 444, where he performs old school Nintendo tunes for the customers. He also has an awesome new hat.

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)

    In Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii, if you have a match on Smashville anytime between 8p.m. and midnight, K.K. Slider will be playing on a stage on the middle of the field. Some songs can only be heard if K.K. performs them at this time, but you cannot request a song. You can get a trophy of him if you unlock every song.

    The K.K. Slider songs in Smashville are:

    • K.K. Cruisin'
    • K.K. Condor
    • K.K. Western
    • K.K. Gumbo
    • DJ K.K.
    • Rockin' K.K.
    • Go K.K. Rider! (orchestrated version)

    K.K also appears as a collectible trophy in both Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

    K.K. Songs

    • Agent K.K
    • Aloha K.K
    • Cafe' K.K
    • Comrade K.K
    • DJ K.K
    • Forest Life
    • Go K.K. Rider
    • I Love You
    • Imperial K.K
    • K.K Aria
    • K.K Ballad
    • K.K Blues
    • K.K Bossa
    • K.K Calypso
    • K.K Casbah
    • K.K Chorale
    • K.K Condor
    • K.K Country
    • K.K Cruisin'
    • K.K D & B
    • K.K Dirge
    • K.K Dixie
    • K.K Etude
    • K.K Faire
    • K.K Folk
    • K.K Fusion
    • K.K Gumbo
    • K.K Jazz
    • K.K Lament
    • K.K Love Song
    • K.K Lullaby
    • K.K Mambo
    • K.K Marathon
    • K.K March
    • K.K Metal
    • K.K Ragtime
    • K.K Rally
    • K.K Reggae
    • K.K Rock
    • K.K Rockabilly
    • K.K Safari
    • K.K Salsa
    • K.K Samba
    • K.K Ska
    • K.K Song
    • K.K Soul
    • K.K Steppe
    • K.K Swing
    • K.K Tango
    • K.K Technopop
    • K.K Waltz
    • K.K Western
    • King K.K
    • Lucky K.K
    • Marine Song 2001
    • Mountain Song
    • Mr. K.K
    • My Place
    • Neapolitan
    • Only Me
    • Pondering
    • Rockin' K.K
    • Senor K.K
    • Soulful K.K
    • The K. Funk
    • To the Edge
    • Two Days Ago

    External Links

    List of K.K. Slider songs with YouTube links (Animal Crossing Wiki)


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