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    KKND2: Krossfire

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released October 1998

    KKND: Krossfire is a post-apocalyptic RTS featuring 3 asymmetric forces.

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    It's 100 years since nuclear warheads totalled the Earth, 40 years since the militant Survivors crawled from their underground bunkers to struggle against the mutated Evolved for control of the surface. With a victory for either side seeming doubtful, many people from both sides fled the conflict 40 years ago and have spent the time regrouping, licking their wounds, and planning for the next assault.

    Now the New Survivors pour out of the ground, trying to retake the surface. The 'Further Evolved' ride mutant beasts to defend the surface once again. But now there's a whole new factor no-one's accounted for. From a line of dust on the horizon, the Series 9 robotic army, once farming robots, whose purpose in life was lost when the farmland they were built to protect was burned in the nuclear annihilation, and now with revenge in their crazed visors, storm across the land killing anything they can find. The War of the Three Armies is getting underway. Pretty scary huh?


    Level Skip, Money and Super powered Units

    To use this cheat you have to create an shortcut of the kknd2.exe on your desktop. Then enter on the properties of the shortcut (ALT ENTER) and add " -badnews" to the end of the line like this:

    C:\Games\KKND Krossfire\kknd2.exe" -badnews

    Please notice that you should let an space before the -badnews or it will not work.

    Then save the changes and enter he game. Once inside the game you must press CTRL TAB together at the exactly same time. If you manage to do it the words Cheats Enabled on your screen.

    The you just have to use these commands:

    CTRL M : Extra Money.

    CTRL C : Win The Level.

    CTRL F : Lose The Level.

    CTRL T : Turn of the Fog of War.

    To Get Super Powerd Units you must edit your army on the game main menu and save the chabges.

    Then quit the game and edit the same shortcut putting " -stats" followed by the name that you saved the archive.

    Here is an example:

    C:\Games\KKND Krossfire\kknd2.exe" -badnews -stats evolved

    that will make the changes take place on the single player mode

    Features of KKnD2


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